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Cholesterol results are in (7.5 months primal)

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  • Cholesterol results are in (7.5 months primal)

    I decided to pay doc a visit for a blood test on cholesterol. Here are the results:

    HDL: 2.1 mmol/L
    LDL: 6.0 mmol/L
    Triglycerides: 0.5 mmol/L

    HDL and Trig's values seem pretty good to me and I read that having a good HDL/Trig ratio is very predictable for whether or not the LDL is small and dense or large and fluffy. Doc was concerned for high LDL and total cholesterol (aren't these folks predictable) and asked for another appointment to talk about the results. I'll think I'll ask him for a VAT test or do another blood test in a couple months.
    Background info: male, 6'1, 24 years old. W
    What do you guys think?
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    Don't let a Drug Salesman (doctor) talk you into taking cholesterol drugs !

    See these videos before going back to your doctor, the Drug Pusher:
    How Bad Science and Big Business Created the Obesity Epidemic - YouTube
    Dr Rosedale Exposing the Cholesterol Myth: Cholesterol is not the major culprit in heart disease - YouTube

    The most common statin side effects include:

    * headache
    * difficulty sleeping
    * flushing of the skin
    * muscle aches, tenderness, or weakness
    * drowsiness/ weakness
    * dizziness
    * nausea and/or vomiting
    * abdominal cramping and/or pain
    * bloating and/or gas
    * diarrhea
    * constipation
    * rash

    Which Statin Side Effects Are Serious?
    Myositis, which is inflammation of the muscles (heart is a muscle), can be a side effect of statins. The risk of muscle injury increases when certain other medications are coupled with statin use. For example, if you take a combination of a statin and a fibrate -- another cholesterol-reducing drug -- the risk of muscle damage increases greatly compared to someone who takes a statin alone.

    Other dangers of statin drugs include other muscle conditions, which can be serious in rare cases. First, there can be statin muscle pain. Known as myalgia, this pain can generally be resolved quickly by discontinuing the medication.

    PS) Cholesterol is essential for health, and is required to make up all of your hormones, including your testosterone. You do NOT want low cholesterol, or else your hormones will suffer! What you DO want is the VAP test, and the only thing to be worried about is the count of SMALL DENSE cholesterol, which is caused by Grains & Sugars. So the fix for Small Dense Cholesterol problems is to stop eating grains & sugars !

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      He will probably recommend statins for lowering the total cholesterol, but I will discuss with him on what he bases this recommendations. There is no solid scientific ground on which he can base his recommendations. Under no circumstances will I consider statins (or any other drug whatsoever). Trig's and HDL are great and I think I'll ask for a VAT test to get more clarity on the LDL. These results are exactly like I expected them. A VAT test will probably reveal that most LDL is the large and fluffy stuff.

      Cholesterol (and other agents) have been healing my body readily over the past 8 months. No way I'm going to opt to lower that number and ingest shit that messes with my bodies natural chemistry (and which is artificial and foreign to the body).

      Thanks for the links, had not checked out those resources yet.
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        For you Americans thats, HDL 80, LDL 228, Trigs 44.
        The HDL: triglyceride ratio is great. The low triglycerides suggest almost entirely large, bouyant LDL. The VAP test isn't needed because it will tell you exactly that. These numbers suggest you won't die of heart disease (especially as primal is low PUFA), but the high LDL can be indicative of something else going on

        The Paleo Premise: Troubleshooting High Cholesterol on the Paleo Diet

        By the way your TC is 8.325mmol/l or 316.8mg/dl
        and your LDL-C (Iranian) is 4.7mmol/l or 179mg/dl
        Iranian really makes a big difference the further below 100 the triglycerides are
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          Thanks for the feedback. Perhaps the high LDL has to do with the fact that my body is still healing damage in my body that was inflicted by 24 years of birdseed sugar diet. I had health challenges with energy levels, intestinal damage, inflammation and overtraining which have improved gradually and steadily over the past year. I thought that perhaps the cholesterol was helping to heal this and hence, the high LDL.

          I will opt to do a VAP test anyway, not so much for me, but to convince my physician that his practice is erroneous, that my results are exactly as I expected them and that eating organic primal is the way to go, not low-fat birdseed diet + statins.

          Also, after reading your blog, I think I made a wise choice to cut waaay back on nuts and seeds lately.
          BTW: My mom has elevated cholesterol due to genetics. I was tested for the genetics years ago, but I they concluded that I didn't have the gene, but perhaps it may have an influence.
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            Great blog, by the way.


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              Had another appointment. Doc was concerned about high LDL/Total Cholesterol leading to CVD. I said I was not concerned as LDL is calculated and mine was probably lower than the 6.0, plus the HDL/Trig ratio suggests that these are probably the neutral LDL type. He realized quickly that there was no way he could talk me into taking statins and suggested I go to a lipid expert. We talked some more about the rest of the blood results (leukocytes, erytrocytes, hemoglobin, hematrocrite, MCV, trombocytes, iron, ferritine, vitamin b12, folium acid, natrium, kalium, kreatinine, eGER, transferrine, blood glucose venous and thyroid function). These were all within healthy ranges. I also talked a bit about the new eating style and that my sister is gluten intolerant and that I suspect that I am too. Then he recommended to go to a more general specialist (internist) at the hospital instead of a lipid expert. I'm just going to follow the medical circus and see if I can gather some more useful info.
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                I had hospital appointments with two doctors, one GI tract specialist and a general internist.
                "I'm sorry sir, you have to start eating birdseed again, before we can test whether or not you're gluten-intolerant."
                LMFAO. I think I'll pass, thank you very much. Alright, NEXT!

                "Your blood lipids are no concern given you're age, blood pressure (115/73), blood glucose and high amount of HDL. The slightly elevated LDL and Total Cholesterol may be due to your higher consumption of fat (I told him about eating paleo), but your general ratio's are good, so this is fine. Cardiovascular problems involve many factors, we even have people in our hospitals all the time with low cholesterol that have hearth attacks, because it can also come from things like infection and inflammation. The LDL is only a fraction of the influence on CVD, so there isn't much need to investigate whether you have small dense or large and fluffy LDL, unless purely for research reasons. We could however do another normal blood test to see if we see any changes over time in the profile and ratio's."

                I was a bit bummed out that he wouldn't give me a VAP test, but I was glad to speak to a guy that at least wasn't a fat phobic that wanted to put me on statins. I did another blood test this morning for another cholesterol profile along with a couple markers that test for Celiac's nutrients deficiencies, which will probably be non-existent as I have been on paleo/primal for almost nine months now (last test already showed that folium acid, iron and vitamins were fine). Interestingly enough, my sister still has these defiencies (in iron), since she is still eating a SAD only with gluten-free products.
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                  New cholesterol results are in, this time from 8.5 month primal.

                  Total Cholesterol: 7.0 mmol/L (went down)
                  HDL: 2.2 mmol/L
                  LDL: 4.7 mmol/L (went down)
                  Trigs: 0.52 mmol/L

                  Doc said these results look slightly better than last time, but even those results were no reason to fret.
                  Total cholesterol and LDL went down and HDL and Trigs are both great.
                  The rest of the blood work was fine as well (absorption of vitamins etc.).

                  And as Stevenhamley suggested, the LDL is probably even lower than this as my Trigs are low.
                  The doctor didn't want to acknowledge that the added healthy fats in the diet were responsible for this, and just kept it at:
                  Just keep doing whatever you're doing.

                  Don't worry, bra, I MOST DEFINETELY WILL :P

                  PS: just calculated the LDL-C with the iranian equation and it's at 3.6 mmol/L
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