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Question about sugar consumption?

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  • Question about sugar consumption?

    I have read the 21 day transformation and understand how carbs affect the body, but I'm curious about sugar consumption and what is acceptable on this "diet".. I don't eat regular sugar, but I do eat raw wild honey which I put in my tea (I have about 3 cups of tea a day which would be about 3-5 TB of honey). I also sweeten other things like paleo pancakes with maple syrup a few times a week.

    What are the sugar rules? Thx.

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    I don't think there are rules per say, but it's best to avoid it. Consider this: how hard would it be for you to cut back even that small amount or stop using it for 2-3 weeks? Do you really want to be dependent on something like that?

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      I just want to reiterate what nameless wonder said. I would avoid it for 3 weeks and see how you feel.


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        I love animal foods and berries. But it took a while until this became my preference.