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Perspective (or, fun things to do when you're bored)

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  • Perspective (or, fun things to do when you're bored)

    When I find myself (stupidly!) stressing over whether it's okay to have a piece of fruit today, it's helpful to look at a sample "healthy" day for the average CW American:

    1.5 cups raisin bran

    1 cup 2% milk

    8 oz orange juice

    1 apple

    6-inch Subway roast beef sandwich

    1 serving Sun Chips

    12-oz can Pepsi

    Lean Cuisine (Chicken Enchilada with Rice)

    1.5 cups salad with 2 Tbs ranch dressing

    Skinny Cow chocolate ice cream sandwich

    The damage (courtesy of My Fitness Pal):

    1,934 calories (shrug)

    323g carbs (eeek!)

    53g fat (sad!)

    60g protein (not enough!)

    Perspective, indeed.

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    And I bet most of those 53g of fat are from corn/soy/ canola oils and hydrogenated fats.


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      That menu just made me hungry because I can remember how unsatisfying all of it was; no matter how much I ate, I was starving within four hours. I can vividly recall that feeling of eat-or-pass-out that would follow a few hours after a breakfast of cereal and juice.


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        Yeah, a few years ago that would have sounded (relatively) healthy to me. Now, lol, it sounds horrid. 323 grams of carbs?? *faints*

        Fruit - I used to stress over that kind of thing, too... but not anymore. I refuse to feel guilty about eating a fruit.

        Cookies and doughnuts make one fat, not carrots. I think that puts things in perspective too.


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          now if you factor in that hat would not even be what the average CW diet person eats (there is no pasta, no pizza, no bread, etc), it starts to really give perspective...

          good post!


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            Wow that's a lot of carbs. Thank you for putting it into perspective. No more banana guilt!


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              wow - perspective indeed. thanks for that!

              @ kryz - i love that, "banana guilt." i was totally having that this week!

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