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Lower left ab pain after start of diet ?

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  • Lower left ab pain after start of diet ?

    Hello all, I would like your persepective on the following: I am about 9 days into a strict paleo diet and about 4 days ago I have notice I sometimes have acute pain about 3 inches to the left of my umbilicus. This usually occurs most after eating. It comes and goes and can get as much as a 5/10 on the pain scale (a sharp pain and then gone). It comes and goes in about 10-15 minutes. I attribute this to digestion and all the fiber from the salads and fruits I am consuming. Is this a natural movement of the digestive process? I have 1-2 bowel movements a day, no constipation and have never had any digestive issues. Any body else experience this ?

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    Sometimes I'll get sharp stomach pains, occasionally radiating from my lower stomach and up through the middle. Not sure what this is caused from, but once I start moving it usually stops. You could try a visit to the doctor if you're truly concerned, although it could just be your body adjusting to the new variety in your diet..?

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