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A bit of advice required please !!

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  • A bit of advice required please !!

    Hello to all,

    Just ordered the PB book, unfortunatly it will take 3-6 weeks to get to me in the u.k. !!!! Before it arrives can somebody help with some advice.

    I have been low-carbing (averaging 40g / day) for just over a month. My goal is to loose the final, hard to burn, last 10 lb's of fat.

    Could do with advice re nutrient ratios / calories (I realise calories is a rude word around these parts !!), what foods to embrace / avoid.

    I eat pretty clean, eggs, cheese, low carbs wraps (3g net), tuna, mackerel, salad, brocolli, olive oil, mayonaise, pesto, ham, chicken, whey protein isolate and peanut butter etc.

    Also getting a little 'brain fog' which isn't fun and i am not feeling very energetic.

    Any advice gratefully received.

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    I think refining your diet just a little more would help. "low carb wraps and peanut butter" might have to go. Peanut butter mostly because of the peanuts themselves, the wraps because of the grains. Even if something is low net carbs having it made from grains will not allow your body to harness the power of glucagon (allocate stored fat to muscles for burning).

    re: brain fog, you might want to up the carbs a little especially by adding more veggies to your diet. As well, are you supplementing at all?


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      TallGuy, take a look at some of Mark's older posts, specifically regarding Primal Blueprint 101.

      The key here is 'STAY AWAY FROM GRAINS', even if they are 'low-carb' wraps.

      Up your fats to around 45 - 60% of your daily Macros, 10 - 20% should be carbs (vegetable-based & some fruit, preferably), then the rest protein.

      I've been cycling days of protein & fat as the predominant source of calories and then cycling days of Ketosis (0 - 50 carbs), intermittent fasting (0 carbs) and then some days of basic weight-loss carb intake (50 - 100 carbs).

      No Legumes, No grain, including corn. Try cutting out dairy (I allow eggs for an excellent protein source though) for increased fat loss.

      Also, try skipping a meal or two, or 1 fully day of fasting, like I am doing for today to 'mix things up a bit' and jump start your body into further Ketosis. I've heard that this kick-starts your body out of a plateau, especially for those looking to lose those last 10 lbs.


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        Thanks thebkon and sassafras88 for the advice but,...........

        Sorry for yet another question, I am a Junior Primal at the moment !!!

        I feel that i'm lacking energy, would you suggest more fat, more protein or maybe a few more carbs !?!?

        Currently fats = 125g protein = 190g carbs = 40g

        I am 208lbs BF = 13% Lean = 181lbs



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          It doesn't surprise me that you have no energy if you are 208 lbs. and only 13% bodyfat and eating only 2,000 calories / day. If you were 108 lbs. and 13% bodyfat then 2,000 calories / day would probably be right.

          You might get disagreement from others but if I were you I would try eating more. I would probably up the carbs to 100g / day which would help with energy levels and maybe add another 25g of fat. When I say 100g of carbs I'm referring to total carbs, not net carbs so include the fiber. Protein levels are just about right.

          Replace the peanut butter with almond butter and the low carb wrap with romaine lettuce (it's great for lettuce wraps).

          Also, what are your activity levels like? It's going to be really, really hard to drop below 13% bodyfat without working out. I'm having trouble getting below that level even with an active lifestyle and serious high intensity workouts.


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            Lettuce wraps sounds great. Have dropped the peanut butter and the wraps. I workout 5 mornings a week 45 mins max, and at home in the evenings may do some mini circuits, press-up, lunges, jump squats, russian ab twists etc. Have dropped the morning gym for a week due to lack of energy.

            I am sure you are right i need to eat more, but i just don't feel like eating, maybe i need to try harder !!!!

            The other thing is timing, how important is the timing of eating, or is that dictated by the stomach ?


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              I hear ya. Right now, I'm struggling to get enough protein for the day, since I'm absolutely stuffed and it's past noon.

              Don't force it. Listen to your body. But definitely increase your fats for more energy. At least, that's what did it for me on a day that I became lethargic. I took a look at my macros and realize that I was low on fats. I ate an avocado and a small salad with lots of bacon grease and found energy to sustain me throughout the day.

              Personally, I found for me that lower carbs + more fat = much more energy, even in a caloric deficit day.


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                That's a lot of training on very low calorie levels for someone your size. It's no wonder you were out of energy. Try eating a half or whole avocado each day or some bacon. Maybe add in a little bit of fruit. If you aren't lactose intolerant, you could add in some whole milk with your whey protein. I'm thinking you should add about 500-600 calories / day. It shouldn't be too hard for you to add those calories to your diet. I certainly have no trouble adding extra calories .

                I wouldn't be too concerned with timing. People seem to be all over the map in terms of timing of food. I'm a grazer and eat all day long, others have eating windows and fast the rest of the time. I would find the one that works the best for you in terms of hunger and energy levels.