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how come my acne is much better?

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  • how come my acne is much better?

    im 24 and had pretty severe acne all my life even after 3 accutane tries. (parents didnt have none).
    now its mostly on my back though my face is pretty oily, but now i lifted my shirt and see its much much better when im now after a month+ of trying a paleo like.
    the reason im surprised is because of big craving ive eaten alot of non dark chocolate this past few weeks.
    its cold now here, and actually every winter i feel my acne is better but it may just be because of the lack of feeling when you are cold. (so you itch less, ect...).

    is it possible that eating as little gluten as i can(though i did eat alittle) contributed to the acne getting better?
    i also avoided as much dairy as i can though still eaten from time to time and ate alot of vegtables.
    it does give me motivation to try harder now.
    *i did try 2-3 liver flushes in the last 2 months, yet didnt have to go to the bathroom not sure why. maybe im magnesium defficient.
    next time im gonna try another brand of epsom salt+laxative tea.
    ive also taken on/off milk thistle so im affraid its not the nurtiton but other things affecting it.

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    Wheat Belly points to a lot of research on the effects of wheat on acne...a combination of that and a non processed diet has to help.
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      very possibly the gluten.
      What else have you cut out/heavily reduced?
      Dairy causes acne in a lot of people..
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        well i did reduce dairy also, i did eat alot of it in the past but not as much as gluten.
        what surprised me is that it wasnt full and plain cold turkey and i did consumed both(thought gluten only once or twice...).
        also as i stated, because of craving ive eaten alot of candy(alot of mars lately-does it have gluten?)

        im affraid its just a small phase that will go away/the milk thistle causing the good affect that will last shortly


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          Reducing inflammation in general may have a positive impact on acne. Reducing intake of seed oils, high fructose corn syrup, dairy (if you are sensitive), and grains all reduce inflammation.

          Make sure you are getting plenty of zinc. It is very beneficial for many people with acne. It's hard to get enough without regular consumption of oysters.
          Using low lectin/nightshade free primal to control autoimmune arthritis. (And lost 50 lbs along the way )