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any consumption of the bad things cause harm?

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  • any consumption of the bad things cause harm?

    ive read here alot, that some of you do indulge in the bad things-even gluten from time to time, and include it in your "20".
    ive read about the 20 notion in the book but couldnt understand if the 20 means anything including -all- the bad things?

    for the last month+ ive started again trying a paleo like meal plan and at first avoided almost everything but couldnt keep it this way......
    i understand eating 1/100 (literly) the amount of lets say gluten will be much better then eat it all(by 100?) and eating more veggies will also be better but im not sure what will happen if you wont go 100% of the time?
    will it lose any affect? is the harm to the body from the bad things come from the amount or even the slightest will bring bad affects that you can feel?
    because most of us ate gluten in huge amount daily, for 15-20-30-40 years.
    i have fibromyalgia and acne, and though i know nighshades for example are bad for inflammation im still eating tomatoes/eggplants for now. im just not sure what i should feel about indulging with the bads from time to time.
    does it mean everything ive done this past month will go away and ill need to start over, or its just the mental affect of it that cause me to feel that?

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    Gluten and it's side effects stays in your system for up to 14 days, so I would never include that in my 20%. Personally my 20 is French Brie or blue vein cheese, 85% dark chocolate, an occasional pear.


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      I bombed out over the last 24 hours, so now I'm not the best example. Usually my 20% is crap, but it's almost always gluten-free crap. It just seems to have an effect on me that doesn't disappear as quickly.


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        No, eat as many bacon wrapped twinkies as you want...BACON MAKES IT PALEO HOLY.