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How long did it take for your bloating to go away?

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  • How long did it take for your bloating to go away?

    After three months experimenting with primal, I am pretty sure that I am gluten sensitive, with moderate dairy intolerance as well. I have been successful at getting rid of most of my bloatiness before, but I think dairy really is causing a lot of it. Has anyone had success cutting dairy out, and losing the puffy tummy? If so how long will it take before it stays flat, provided I keep dairy at a minimum?

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    few days, maybe just one day.


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      I did some experimenting last month with wheat. I gained 10lbs in 3 days! All around the belly. Took me a good 3 weeks before it was gone. This was just from eating a couple deep-fried, breaded appetizers, a couple pieces of bread, and couple big handfuls of pretzles over a two-day period. My calorie intake was relatively low, but man did I inflate like a baloon.


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        I've almost exclusively been using raw cheese, with the exception of a cheese sampling or butter of non-raw or grass-fed variety, as well as avoiding grains like the plague. I've recently have been eating milk chocolate (I know, I know....), and I have noticed a LOT of bloating and odd stomach sounds that I haven't had for the past month on Primal. The ingredients in the milk chocolate I have been eating include sugar, milk, cacao components, soy lecithin (which is in much of the chocolate I eat already), vanillin, and artificial flavoring. I'm pretty sure it's the milk.
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