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What are your binge triggers?

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  • What are your binge triggers?

    I have been on Atkins on and off for a few years, and now primal for the past month. It always seems every few weeks I fall off the wagon and binge on candy, ice cream etc. It's always at night and it always leaves me feeling guilty.

    Last week I was experimenting with IF and really had a good experience with no troubles skipping a meal here or there. But this week I broke down twice and ate some left over Halloween candy. Here is what I think contributed to my binge...

    1. Heavy lifting session... seemed to leave me craving carbs.
    2. Semi-primal meal plus leftovers the next day. Wife made meatloaf with minimal bread crumbs and ketchup. Trying to get her to follow the diet to avoid this situation again.

    What triggers a binge for you?
    SW on 10/1/11: 380lbs.
    CW 12/13/12: 315lbs. (Was under 300#, added some muscle :-) )
    GW: 10% B.F. 250lbs. - 275lbs. (6' 4" tall)