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vegtables boxes for the BAS, how to order them and what to put in them?

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  • vegtables boxes for the BAS, how to order them and what to put in them?

    ive seen mark fast salad video and thought its a great idea though i still doubt the quality and crispines of the veggies after 2-3 days chopped in the fridge.
    i went and bought a few containers and now i chopped onions, peppers and cucumber and put all of them in different containers.
    i chopped them actually, and ate a little salad right away so didnt get a chance to feel them after a few hours and more on the fridge.
    ive also bought zip bags as i understand its the best option for the greens but i have a few questions about this method.
    ive used to eating salad, even with meat/tuna/bacon when the veggies are chopped to little pieces and it seem kinda off, how should i chop them best to be used in a bas?

    regarding the greens- i was advised to not use a knife/metal and just rip them by hand.
    if i want to use a few greens should i just mix them all in a bag real good so a handfull will be a mix of them all?
    also we have something called baby greens here that i understand is already a mix....i feel like if ill need to open/cut letuce, then open spinach bag, then this bag losing all the concept of "fast" but i guess it will still be much faster and will give me the option to use or not every green byitself.

    also-what other containers should i have? what vegtables?
    should i cut the cherry tomatos in advance so to keep the idea of "fast" and very little work? or
    tomatos(any) will just lose it very very fast?

    how many veggies each i should cut so it will last a good amount of time? how long should i aim for so it wont lose too much crisp ect?
    for example i cut 5-6 small cucumbers, that will probabely last for 2-3 salads only.
    last-do you think i should make a jar of sauce in advance? i do wanna go full primal but one of the things that halted me was the hardship of making(well especially the salads) each time a few times a day.


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    I wouldn't prep too far in advance...6 cukes sliced will go bad before you can eat them, slice up 3, save the other 3 for later in the week. Same with most soft skin veggies. Lettuce is up to you, buy 3 kinds, wash it, dry it, and rip it up into zippy bags is most economical, and probably the freshest, but that, too will only last 3 or 4 days in the fridge. Do two batches, the whole stuff will keep, once you wash and cut it the clock REALLY starts to tick!
    Definitely make a big batch of dressing or sauce, it will keep longer than the cut veggies.! Buy a pack of three containers with screw on jars (round) and shake up some bad ass dressing, it will keep for a good while depending on what you put in it!