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    Hi there,

    I'm new on this forum and to primal/paleo. I have always been very aware of what I eat (I remember lecturing my mum about how bad cakes are when I was 7!) needless to say, I am really excited to find this forum (not to mention my poor mum)

    I am kicking things up a notch and am going primal to see the changes in my body and define the difference between what my body WANTS and what my body NEEDS.

    I have read through a lot of posts and forum threads and there are some really inspiring people out there.

    So, I was curious if there's anyone out there that could give me some advice and wise words? Something you wished someone had told YOU when you were starting out.

    Thanks so much from Sydney, Australia

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    If you are able to, don't keep non primal food in your house, nor buy it. If someone gives you non primal food, throw it away, don't save it for someone, you will probably end up eating it yourself.

    Also, find out your protein needs and make it a priority to get what you need. You can find out how much protein you need based on your activity level here, How to Eat According to the Primal Blueprint | Mark's Daily Apple

    Just enjoy the ride! Being primal is great, but you already know that by reading the forums


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      This thread went for quite a while. Good stuff on here.

      My advice would be: Give it time.

      Not sure where you are starting from (fat, skinny, young, old), but read through all of Mark's free stuff and ease into it. This really is a 'diet' you can do the rest of your life.


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        Thanks for the great advice so far, I think I will get into trouble at work soon for trolling through all of the posts - thanks for the heads up on the geat thread too otzi!

        I'm 28 year old female who is looking for a lifestyle change (a little less fat around that hangs around the mid section would be great too!)


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          My advice would be for the first month (at least) eat as much as you want, without regret until you aren't hungry, or are full. This stuff is just good for you.

          Make sure you are full before going out, so you won't be as tempted.

          Don't eat out for the first month. If you have low willpower like me, this is very helpful.

          I also echo the comments to just throw out any non-primal food, even if it hurts the part of your brain that loves money. It just isn't worth it, that stuff will make your stomach hurt the next day after a couple weeks Primal.

          Oh yeah, and don't go food shopping when you're hungry. Like I said, make sure you are full up on a big 'ol salad with plenty of fat and protein, or a big breakfast of Eggs and some kind of meat and/or veg before you go out in the world.

          If you're a big water drinker already, carry some with you so you aren't tempted by sugary drinks. This helped me a LOT.

          Hope these tips help you. If you have been browsing around as much as you say you have, a bunch of these should have already popped up, but it's always nice to have a consolidated list.

          P.S. Oh and by the by, if you like getting in to the technical aspect of how this all works, reading up on the research and books like "The Paleo Solution" by Robb Wolf, that explain how your hormones react to different foods, it was easier for me to get back on track if I fall off for a few days, because I know what the stuff will do to me if I don't start eating primally again (and I start to gain weight again, cuz once I start eating I don't stop till I'm full... I'm very weak lol).
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