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  • Food as Medicine - UK trials and surveys

    So, in the UK we have a new TV series thats started a few weeks ago, called 'The Food Hospital'. It's showing on Channel 4, one of our main terrestrial channels. On the show a team of medics + dietician work with people with chronic and enduring health conditions where conventional medicine has failed them.

    Me, being interested in this kind of stuff thought I'd take a peek. I've had to watch from behind my hands, or even sofa (almost as scary as Dr. Who!!!) as the prescribing of 'healthy whole grains' to people with PCOS and alopecia, psoriasis etc. There has been some pretty scary (to me anyway) advice. Despite that - people have made good recoveries. It's interesting watching. I'd love to know what other people think. If you watch then let me know.

    They are also running a number of 'food as medicine trials' and there are a few online surveys. I know some of you guys might be interested in contributing, so here's the link to the website:

    Food Hospital - Channel 4

    You need to register to take part in the trials, but not the surveys. I don't think you have to be a UK resident to register (I did it so long ago, I've forgotten).

    Do let me know what you think of the messages being given in such main stream media. I can't decide whether there is 'enough' good stuff, or if it's just Conventional Wisdom on repeat...

    Tonight's episode is on Eczema, depression, gout and obesity. I have personal experience of all of those and know that a particular way of eating has helped!! I wonder if it will be the way of eating prescribed to tonight's patients....

    I'm off to watch.

    Will report back!

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    Am curious as to what they "prescribed"? At least there is some recognition that food IS INDEED MEDICINE! lol that surely is a step (albeit small one) in the right direction no?? :-)


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      They've been 'prescribing' food for decades now, to disastrous effect. If only they were capable of a child's level of introspection, they might see that doing the same thing and expecting different results is insanity.
      Ye shall know them by their fruits.


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        Ah, my parents have been watching this and mentioned the PCOS episode when I spoke to them at the weekend.
        They've been primal since the start of the year, but my dad's really stumped on breakfasts. He just can't get past the "if I can't pour milk on it, it's not brekkie", so mum's been making him a 'cereal' out of roasted nuts and seeds, but he's getting bored of it now and probably shouldn't be eating as many nuts as he does anyway.

        After watching this show and the results the 'patients' get (maybe they only show the successful ones...) he's talking about going back to porridge or other cereals for breakfast and carrying on eating primally for the rest of the day. My concern with this is that it'll end up sucking him back into eating all the crap that he was before and that he'll end up back on the statins again.
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