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  • Sprouting seeds

    Hi! I would like to have a question answered please and thank you. If I order sprouting seeds for myself and two of my kids, do I have to omit the peas and legumes. Are they safer to eat if they are sprouted or not. This is a Christmas present for 1 hard core paleo and 1 who just needs to be healthier. Thanks. Oh, does anyone have any thoughts as to which type of sprouter is the best? Again thanks Lynn

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    Broccoli sprouts are awesome. I know that's not what you asked, but there are many things one could sprout that are no question primal/paleo. For giving a gift I would skip the questionable seeds/grains and go for brassica family seeds, garlic, fenugreek, etc.

    I use a sproutman hemp bag...

    but it seems that every sprouter has their own favorite.

    Check out Sproutman and Sproutpeople:

    Sproutman, Steve Meyerowitz, World Authority in Sprouting, Wheatgrass and Indoor Gardening Books & Sprouts Products
    The Grooviest Sprouting Seeds on Our Planet!

    Sounds like a really nice and thoughtful gift (well at least one I would be ecstatic to get).


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      Once something becomes a sprout, it is a vegetable and therefore perfectly Primal. If what you are eating is more about the green sprout part and very little grain or legume left, you are good to go. E.g. wheat is a grain, wheatgrass is a veggie.


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        I use a 1 qt. mason jar with a plastic screw on top~ before I got the tops (at the HFS) I used cheesecloth and a rubber band~ I buy broccoli, red clover and radish seeds and mix them together~ I've had people tell me they're the best sprouts they've ever had~ I don't like alfalfa~ takes too long to sprout~

        I think sprouting seeds are a great idea for a gift! Check Amazon for seed ideas~