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    When you are eating there any fruit I should avoid or limit? What about veggies....I can eat all I want, out of any?!

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    depends if ur tryna lose/maintain/gain weight.

    if ur tryna lose i would avoid as much as possible. or at least consume lower GI fruits like berries and the like.
    otherwise some fruit every once in awhile is ok.

    veggies should never be off limits.
    "Our doubts are traitors, and make us lose the good we often might win, by fearing to attempt." -- William Shakespeare

    my weight loss story...
    started @400+pounds
    CW: 191lbs 15%BF
    PB: 158lbs 10%BF 33in waist
    UD2(6 weeks): 168lbs 9%BF 31in waist


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      yea Im trying to lose weight. So I should focus on things like strawberries, blackberries?


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        Yes, from what Mark says, berries are the best fruits you can eat. Low glycemic and help with weight loss.
        But, fruit is only a quarter as evil as nuts are.
        Just cut out nuts completely (and dark chocolate) and you can have more fruit. Nuts are Fat+Carbs, a combination that'll make ya fat.
        Fruits don't have fat...fruit is a starch and easily digested (except the skins like on apples, pears, etc).

        Basically if trying to lose weight, don't cut food/calories...just don't combine fats with carbs that have high insulin spikes. Cutting calories will slow your metabolism after day 3 or so.