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  • Post-Thanksgiving meal plan

    I've been paleo/primal off an on for about 18 months. Initially I had tremendous success, but I slipped and can't seem to get a hold again. Considering Thanksgiving is only a few days away, I don't really want to set out on another strict quest to once again reveal my ab veins until after. Currently, I eat eggs and salsa for breakfast, drink a large protein shake with 2 cups of whole organic milk, whey, and BCAA post workout, within another hour or two I'll usually have some lean meat, veggies, and a sweet potato, then random combinations of meat and veggies, like chicken and asparagus or turkey and fried Brussels sprouts with a few small slices of apples, for two more meals a day. If I eat before I go to bed, its either two or three more eggs scrambled in pasture butter or a scoop of almond butter. I crossfit five days a week for workouts and include heavy lifts at least three days a week and sprints of some kind at least once a week. So, my question is, what do you who have had the tremendous success of ab vein revealing suggest I change to accomplish my goal? It wouldn't take much. I'm currently 5'11" 190 ish lbs, and can see some of my abs already. I just seemed to have stalled and can't get back to where I used to be. Oh, and I usually drink several beers one night a week. Sleep could use some work, I recently have been working 60 plus hours a week :/

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    Post Thanksgiving Meal Plan -

    Borrow as many stock pots as your grill and stovetop and coleman camp stove will handle. Go door to door Thanksgiving evening and ask your neighbors for their discarded turkey carcasses (bring hefty bag with you to carry the bones). Claim first dibs on all leftover turkey meat and mire poix after your own festival. Instead of going Christmas shopping on Black Friday, go to the grocery store and buy all the marked down turkeys your freezer can hold.

    In all seriousness, though, I think you're right to not try to jump on uber-Primal right before Thanksgiving. Once a year holidays with family and friends is exactly what the 80% / 20% rule is there for.

    As for the rest it seems like you know what to do, you just need to do it. If you're up against a plateau then trim what you probably already know needs trimming. Like beer night. Yeah, Mark has the occasional beer, but he's also already met all his goals. If you're close to your goals, then it might be time to add in IF and carb refeeds (in which beer night could probably stay if you timed things properly).


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      Beer night usually turns into beer and pasta or pizza night, and doritos often find their way in there. I'm horrible at snacking before bed. Like I just finished off a quarter of a jar of almond butter, a cup of whole milk, and a quarter pound of venison sausage. I really like having milk in my diet, I feel it helps me recover from all the heavy fast lifts I do, so if it gets cut out, it will be the last.