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Cholesterol check....what numbers should I request?

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  • Cholesterol check....what numbers should I request?

    Having routine bloodwork done next week and would like some advice on which specific tests I should ask for regarding cholesterol. I am anxious to see if there has been a change in my numbers since going primal over the last several months. What tests would give me the most information about my overall health?

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    VAP or NMR tests will give you direct measurements of all cholesterol types. They will also give you a breakdown of the amount of type A and type B LDL cholesterol you have. You could also get a standard cholesterol panel and look at the ratios. I hear they correlate with the vap/nmr tests pretty well.
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        Remember that the most predictive measurement is the HDL:triglyceride ratio. If your triglycerides are low it's unlikely you'll have the small dense LDL (pattern B) that you can measure. The large bouyant LDL (pattern A) is not athrogenic, especially has paleo/primal is low in PUFA and pre-oxidised industrial oils. High LDL may suggest poor thyroid or something else.

        A heart scan, the kind Dr William David does, is superior to blood lipid measurements


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          See this video before you do anything else:
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          Then watch this video:
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          See the expert here, Cardiologist Dr. Davis
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