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  • Help really frustrated

    Been primal foods for 9 months... I am the exact same weight. Maybe dropped 1 size. Still a size 6-8... was a size 2 after my first baby. My body fat % number is good but I feel/look like I have so much extra weight .. I want to lose 15-20 pounds. I walk about 4 hours a week, Crossfit 3x a week, sleep well, do ok on my carbs IF 1-3x per week. Still have 2-3 beers and/ or red wine per week.

    And I weigh the exact same as when I ate crap. Although I've got stronger... can bust out push ups and pull ups now.

    Any ideas or suggestions?

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    -cut out dairy (if you still do dairy)
    -cut out nuts (if you eat a lot of nuts!)
    -look more closely at your carbs... what does "doing okay" with carbs look like in terms of grams?

    Do you track your intake? Maybe do that for a week, then assess.


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      I do track... usually between 80-100 grams carbs except a day I have beer or sweet potato... still stays under about 150 Haven't tried cutting out nuts and dairy... thanks!.


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        ...maybe because the extra weight is all in muscle? especially because you say your body fat % is okay.
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          Maybe, I've thought of that... but then I would think my hip/thigh fat would look less, or I would drop sizes... maybe not if im gaining muscle on quads and glutes? Im not sure... thanks for the insight...


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            It is hard to remember what we look like then and now. The more you do/loose the more you think you have to do/loose.
            Try finding some old photos of you from back then and compare them to photos now.
            If you have not done so I would start taking sets of photos of yourself both relaxed and flexed front, side side, back. Making sure the camera is the same distance away from you each month.
            I bet from the photos you will see a difference.
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              What someone above said : Cut out dairy and nuts. Both are a weight loss killer.

              I've been primal for almost 2 years and ate no nuts, yet continued with raw dairy because it's nutritious and full of good fats.
              Problem was, even though I lost the first 20 lbs and returned to 'normal' weight (by european standards), I would've much preferred to return to my ideal weight I was during high school.
              I cut out ALL dairy and within 4 weeks lost another 10 lbs of fat. My thick rhino skin returned to normal and I feel super.

              Weight with dairy 145 lbs (5'10" female)
              Weight w/NO dairy 135 lbs


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                Originally posted by primalnicole View Post
                I do track... usually between 80-100 grams carbs except a day I have beer or sweet potato... still stays under about 150 Haven't tried cutting out nuts and dairy... thanks!.
                The other macros contribute to overall calorie count so they should be tracked too.


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                  no dairy .. and lower carbs ...

                  LEPTIN RESET ...
                  started at 310 July 23rd 2011 ... workin and workin!

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                    Yeah, I might lower the carbs too if you're intent on losing. Half it and see how that goes- I'd bet you'd see a change pretty quick.


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                      I'm actually having the same problem. Okay, I can tell that I've lost some fat around the middle, but otherwise, there's not much difference. I'm not horribly active (I really need to work on this!) but I usually do some calisthenics and random yoga at home most days, and if I make it to the gym I walk on the treadmill or crossramp and use the weight machines. Since I started doing pullups and pushups, there are visible muscles in the arm. About 5'4" and 122 lbs.

                      -I rarely have dairy (only at Starbucks type occasions)
                      -I could probably eat less fruit and nuts
                      -I frequently 'skip' one meal a day
                      -I eat around 1200-1500 calories a day
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