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Pressure in my head.

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  • Pressure in my head.

    I don't know where to post this really, but I've figured it had something to do with my diet since I started reading here a few months ago.

    I've been 100% primal for a month and a half, and currently 3 days into the Whole30. I have this pressure in my head... all the time. I recently got sick despite my month of primal eating and regular exercise and sunshine. Doc said it was a sinus infection. (without even checking, she literally just guessed). I've had the pressure in my head for a few months though, even before I started primal. It's driving me nuts. I don't know if anyone has any experience with head pressure and getting it to go away with/without certain foods, but I'd just like some advice.

    I'll give an update with how the Whole 30 is going and how cutting out dairy/sugar/alcohol completely is making me feel.

    Thanks for any help!
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    I pretty well live with pressure and headaches. I've been primal for over a year and it has helped but not cured. I call mine sinus and I hope it's sinus but I'm always afraid that it's something worse. I tried the Doctor route in the past and it didn't help and now my medical insurance blows. If you have any epiphany please let me know. Sorry I can't help you (or myself). Pass the Excedrin please...

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      actually, despite doctors' tendencies to be annoying & not listen and make lots of guesses, this does sort of sound like a sinus infection. and those suck, so i'm sorry.

      eating primal is great for your health, but sometimes, we all get sick. it happens!


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        You could try the usual natural systemic antibiotics like dandelion and honey, etc.
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          As a horrible sinus suffer myself, let me lend you my condolences. If it is involved enough, you may have no choice but to got get some antibiotics. That said, I never need antibiotics myself any more and would avoid them unless absolutely necessary.

          Try three things:

          1) multiple long hot showers during the day. Let the water run on your face as hot as you can stand it.
          2) Get saline spray from the drug store and snort it as often as you can stand to. If you are really bad, it may not go up there. In which case keep trying the other stuff till it will.
          3) Halls cough drops. Those will open you up most of the time.

          Let me add one more desperation measure. If you feel a burning sensation and you are pretty much completely plugged up, try one Benedryl (I use generic) before bedtime. That is a half dose. I don't believe in antihistamines in general and I only resort to that maybe one time a year. But, to put it in perspective...I really do have some pretty serious allergy problems and I almost never have to resort to that and consider it an extreme measure at this point in my life.

          I decided to add one additional comment. Your goal here is to get it cleared out and force your sinuses to stay clear for a while so that you do not have a safe harbor for beasties. So, once you get opened up a bit, stick with the saline for a while till you are positive you are through with stuff. I personally use the saline every day in order to stay healthy.
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            Other things to consider:

            Is there mold in your house? Any animals you may have become allergic to?
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              Okay, this might sound weird but hear me out lol.

              I've had allergies my whole life. Got shots, all went better but not perfect. I went primal and although the allergies itself went totally away, the pressure in my head got worse. The pressure was always starting from 1 side of my face building up over the rest of the head, ears, eyeballs and jaw.
              I then found WAPF and read his Book Nutrition and Physical Degeneration.

              I contacted a facial orthodontist and am now in orthodontic treatment. My headaches (even though I have braces) went completely away. I have no such thing as even the slightest pressure anywhere. My bite is almost fixed (although I never realized there was anything wrong with it), my maxilla grew in size and filled out nicely at the cheekbone area, my forehead grew in size and my lower jaw moved forward and my tongue placement moved up.
              I couldn't be happier.

              Headaches are a thing of the past.