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insulin perscribed will going primal help?

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  • insulin perscribed will going primal help?

    I am type two diabetic for many years, almost no matter what I do my morning blood sugars are way above 150.

    The doctor perscribed lantis at night to control this.

    This is my tipping point, but will going primal help and what can I expect. Do i just not take (stop) the insulin or just expect to go low or what.

    I am confused and at the moment very scared.

    Thanks in advance for any help and/or guidance provided.

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    If your doctor prescribed medicine, you should listen to him as opposed to someone with fare less credentials (most likely none) on the internet. Low carb diets as well as controlling weight help diabetics...Primal can do both of these things.


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      Go on the Paleo ZERO CARB diet, and watch your blood sugar fall.



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        I'm also a type two diabetic-7 years for me. I was on insulin during my pregnancy with my son starting at 10 weeks. Lantis(if I remember right) is a slow acting insulin and acts over a period of something like 12 to 16 hours. It is used to reduce your baseline blood sugars before eating. It peaks about eight hours after taking or just in time for breakfast. I would take it for now and tweak the dose as needed(the doc should have explained how to tweak the dose). You will probably reduce the dose gradually as you go paleo until you don't need it anymore. Long acting insulins do not act as dramatically as fast acting. For what it's worth, sticking your finger for taking your sugar hurts more than taking insulin shots. I was taking 4 shots a day while pregnant, and after he was born I no longer needed insulin. I find exercise does more to keep my sugar down than diet, but both help.

        Will paleo help? Yes it does, but it still takes time to get your blood sugar down. I also had to wean down my carbs, because I was low blood sugaring, especially in the afternoons. On a side note, paleo really helps the fungal skin crud that diabetics are prone to fairly quickly.


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          It's pretty much the definitive treatment but be careful because the cure can be worst than the disease if you don't ease into the lifestyle and out of the medications.

          Groktimus Primal's Experience