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  • Still hungry all the time!

    Hi everyone,

    I'm just wondering how long it generally takes for frequent hunger to disappear? is it supposed to become less frequent as soon as fat in your diet is increased?

    Since beginning to eat primally, my typical breakfast is 2 eggs and bacon fried in coconut oil or 2 eggs and a tin of salmon or 2 eggs whisked with coconut milk and microwaved into a frittata with capsicum and broccoli. The problem is I'm invariably hungry in under 2 hours. Today, my lunch was a massive bowl of salad - a tin of salmon, capsicum, broccoli and cauliflower sauteed in coconut oil, avocado, lettuce and a bit of EVOO for the dressing and less than on hour later, I'm starving! I would normally put another egg or two in my salads, but my brother and his fiancee used the last 4 up on french toast this morning. The problem with being hungry still occurs even with another few eggs added in.

    I'm trying to mostly ignore the hunger as the things I have here to snack on are blueberries and macadamia nuts, which I never used to have a problem with but now they seem to irritate my gut.

    So, is it just that my body will take a while to adjust or should I be eating more at breakfast or...what? Also, are chia seeds ok to eat on PB? My mum uses homemade chia gel to bulk out her food and she says that they work well to keep her full.

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    When you eat, eat more. Double or triple the amount of eggs for breakfast. 2 eggs are enough to feed a small dog but not a human! That's a snack. When you say a tin of salmon what are you taling about? a couple of ounces, 8 or 16? Try eating half a pound to a pound of flesh with a meal. My wife has struggled with the same issue of not eating enough flesh in a sitting and ends up snacking on nuts, were working on it. Today she ate half a chicken for dinner which was great for her!
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      There's only about 180 calories in a 2 eggs, that's nothing. The salad type vegetables are often very low in calories, for instance 100g of an average non-starchy vegetable contains only about 25 calories.

      Chia seeds have a similar status to grains (poor nutrient density, potential irratant, antinutrients) chia also has a high amount of PUFAs which is also undesirable.

      It's also helpful to give us age, weight, bf%