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How much glycogen can does the body store?

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  • How much glycogen can does the body store?

    A Google search says somewhere around 200-400 in the muscles and 70-100 in the liver, varying depending on gender/size/musculature. I'm curious for myself (but feel screwed already since I'm a firm-bodied 5'9 female, and there are no such things as estimators for people with bodies like mine). In any event, this amount of glycogen doesn't seem like a lot of "space" for carbohydrate -- 200 grams of carbohydrate can be eaten in one meal, at least for me its possible.

    Anyone have any wisdom on this?

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    This, or more correctly who much glycogen and how quickly we deplete it, is something that I've been meaning to look into for a while.
    You hear so much about how you need to replenish your glycogen stores immediately after a workout, but I find it hard to believe that your average Joe/Joanne Bloggs is using up that much of their glycogen stores in an hour at the gym...
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      Right. I know from running that I've bonked/run out of glycogen at 20-ish miles before. That's quite a bit of activity and certainly not ever going to occur on a daily (or even weekly or monthly) basis. We're back to the age-old question of "how much carbohydrate should one eat???" and its not uncommon to hear 150 grams a day, for sure no prob, (as a minimum even) for the athletic, but I wonder where this comes from given the estimates of glycogen storage I'm reading.

      I imagine maybe there is something missing from these estimates?: maybe the storage mechanism is more complicated so that perhaps a gram of dietary carbohydrate does not a gram of glycogen make. But I really have no clue...