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Oh my what a gluten/carb/wheat/sugar hangover!

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  • Oh my what a gluten/carb/wheat/sugar hangover!

    Well I've been primal now for about 8 weeks, I've strayed a couple of times with corn but only very minor things. I've been feeling amazing, I've enjoyed the weight loss, but what I've enjoyed most is having lasting energy, this has surprised me in such a great way.
    Anyway this last weekend I was going to a wedding so I thought I'd just go with it and eat whatever was offered to me through the day, as I was also going to visit my mum. Had a very healthy primal breakfast, then at mum's, I was given a Panettone (italian Christmas bread type thing), pre-primal I loved this so I said yeah why not, come wedding time, there were samosas and crumbed prawns for canapes, more crumbed prawns for entree, very primal main of steak and vegetables, and a lovely berry pavlova for dessert, all accompanied with crusty bread.
    Thoroughly enjoyed it at the time, but OH BOY did I pay for it yesterday! My digestion was terrible, I had wind (which I'd not had since I went primal), I didn't sleep well, I felt EXHAUSTED all day, it was just not nice. Can't believe I lived with that level of exhaustion for so long before I went primal. That was a good lesson learned, it was a good re-inforcement that I am on the right track. I don't think I'll be rushing out to do that to myself again any time soon!

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    The same thing happens to me when I eat junk-ish food as part of social eating -- lots of digestive problems despite the fact that I still don't have gluten or dairy, even in these situations. Its the strangest thing -- I guess crap is crap is crap.


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      The instant "want to die" feeling has gone for me. It used to hit me right away, but as the months go by, it doesn't have the same impact.

      At least not right away. I have noticed that a general feeling of always being tired and just not up to par sneaks in, and I eventually realize I haven't been eating the way I should.

      Okay, maybe it's not so much realizing I haven't been eating the way I should. I know I'm eating crap when I do it. What I realize is that I can't get away with it for more than a day or two.


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        Rita thanks for letting me know the impact lessens with time eating well. As much as I don't want to eat crap, I know there will be situations in which I probably will. Glad to know the consequences may not be as severe & that my body will bounce back more easily, as yesterday sure was not fun!


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          I think we've all had that blah, energy-less, bloaty, less focused feeling after cheating. For me, I 'gave in' and actually got a Subway sandwich on Friday when DH came and met me for lunch (I usually have 'em make me a salad). Only ate about 5 bites with the bread, then took all the innards out and ate them alone...but paid with a not-quite-migraine headache all day yesterday!

          It's just not worth the agony of the consequences to 'cheat'...not even if you consider it part of your 20%. I've found that my <20% needs to be confined to a bit of sugar in my coffee (about 1/4 of what I used to use) and the occasional dairy product...NOT GRAINS!
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          Now 214 -- that's 60 lbs!
          Goal 160 lbs -- last time there was in junior high!

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            Viva Cali! I don't know that I would have passed up the treats under the circumstances. For future temptations, remind yourself that the effects of the gluten can last up to five days. So beware of the once a week "cheat day".


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              Yeah Adrianag Viva Cali!, I don't plan on doing the once a week cheat day, as I don't really miss the bad food (though I didn't know the bit about the body taking 5 days to recover, so thanks for that note), I am content just having my primal food 100% of the time, so long as I'm organised with my shopping, it was just a day where I knew I wouldn't have much control over what I'd be eating, and instead of controlling how much bad food I ate, I ended up just having everything that was offered thinking that the next day I'd be back on track, oops!
              Oh well guess I'll just wait till my body recovers from the onslaught Saturday, and next time a big event presents itself I'll just have to be more diligent, or if I insist on having the bad food, be very prepared for the next day's "hangover" just like when you plan a big drinking night with friends, next day you know you're not going to be on top of your game, so you have a quiet day, whereas silly me, after Saturday I expected to have energy to do renovations on my new house on Sunday!