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Molasses is very nutritious

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  • Molasses is very nutritious

    Molasses = awesome

    Check out the nutritional information:

    WHFoods: Blackstrap molasses

    It is the ideal primal "sweetener" (if there is such a thing)

    I use Brer rabbit brand in my milk and cocoa powder drink, sweet potato/pumpkin pies and on cooked butternut squash when I want some extra flavor and sweet.

    I couldn't believe my eyes last year when I checkout out the side label for the nutritional information and ingredients.

    While not an ideal food on account of the sugar content I do believe this is better than other natural sweeteners on account of simplicity and myriad of goodies inside.

    Also it's pretty cool if you ask me to include such a historically significant, old-school condiment into modern cooking!

    ad astra per aspera

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    I've been using it in my pumpkin recipes, too. The dark is a little strong though.
    --Trish (Bork)


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      On the rare occasions I bake sweets, I use maple syrup plus stevia extract. Stevia by itself just doesn't taste right, but stevia combined with a real sweetener gives the right taste while reducing the amount of sugar.


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        Careful, though. Molasses can be deadly. Very deadly.

        Eric Postpischil's Molasses Disaster Pages, Yankee Magazine Article

        What a way to go...


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          I completely gree with you on the coolness of the oldschoolness of it.
          I know my grandma ate it. My mom said sometimes she would crave it and then take a spoonful. Maybe her body sensed when she was getting low on iron who knows though.

          I like it in bbq sauce personally and as far as sweeteners go, it does boast a nice nutrition profile. I say if the taste does not deter you from using it as your sweeter of choice then you are much better off with that than pretty much any other full calorie sweeter.


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            Instead of creating a new post, I'm resurrecting this zombie thread to say "Hurrah for molasses!". Been using it after bicycle rides to ward off cramps, in water with 2 tsp. of baking soda. It's working so far. Yay!
            Crohn's, doing SCD


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              Fascinating! I shall get some and add it to cocoa. And perhaps a small amount in stews such as ox cheek - I do love a hint of sweetness / depth of flavour there.

              Thanks for the tip.

              Knifegill, fascinated by your iodine comment. Especially after reading the long, long iodine thread.....


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                I use blackstrap molasses in my homemade sports drink, which was adapted from a recipe Mark posted a while back.
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                  Mark talked about this stuff in his article about fueling for marathon training...

                  How to Fuel a Marathon | Mark's Daily Apple

                  Blackstrap molasses comes after the third boiling of sugar cane. It contains less sugar than either white sugar, brown sugar, regular molasses, or dark molasses, but far more minerals and electrolytes. See, sugar cane is a plant with roots that stretch deep into the soil to extract nutrients (some research suggests sugar cane roots may go down as far as six meters). Very few of those nutrients make it into white or brown sugar, and regular and dark molasses contain some, but it’s blackstrap molasses which gets the bulk of the minerals. So, when you add just a couple tablespoons of blackstrap molasses to your energy drink, you’re getting more than twice the potassium than a banana, more calcium than a cup of raw spinach, and almost 100 mg of magnesium.
                  Much less processed than all the other sugar offerings out there and it's not just empty calories as it has a much better nutrient profile.
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                    Molasses Horseradish Mashed Potato Spears Recipe at

                    These are awesome- just use an alternative to the veg oil. I have made them with Olive Oil and they are excellent!

                    Check out my blog. Hope to share lots of great recipes and ideas!


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                      Originally posted by magnolia1973 View Post
                      Molasses Horseradish Mashed Potato Spears Recipe at

                      These are awesome- just use an alternative to the veg oil. I have made them with Olive Oil and they are excellent!
                      Did you use regular or blackstrap molasses? I only ask as I intend to buy only the blackstrap, for the mineral content mainly.


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                        I really like blackstrap molasses in my coffee, or better yet in this Cafe Du Monde - Original French Market Coffee Stand New Orleans - Our Coffee. I was also impressed w/the nutrient profile and figured if I'm going to use a sweetener, this is a pretty good choice. As others have mentioned, it's great in pumpkin dishes (I make a pumpkin and egg sort of pudding w/it) and very good in bbq sauces, not so sweet as some other options.


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                          Sounds good - just wondering how BSM tastes different to sugar and how much you'd sub for - ie, if you normally need 2tsp sugar, how much BSM would you use? Also, prob wouldn't use it much so does it keep for a while in cupboard?

                          H x
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                            I think I have the blackstrap- need to look!

                            Check out my blog. Hope to share lots of great recipes and ideas!


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                              For those BPers out there - it turns out that molasses is of the most mold-concentrated foods.
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