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    Hi everyone. I've been following PB (on and off) now for about 14 months. In that time, I've had SERIOUS issues combating my cravings, particularly for sugar. The typical cycle would be 1-2 weeks of strict PB then BOOM - a big crash where I'd binge for a few days on less-than-ideal sustenance (I refuse to call it food) until I got bored or decided I wanted to feel good again.

    Recently, the matter has become quite serious and I feel I'm getting out of control of the situation. I know I don't want to be dependent on the stuff, but my body keeps telling me to go back and eat sugary/carby stuff. As a possible remedy, I've decided to stop all exercise (except walking and stretching eg. yoga) as intense exercise exacerbates cravings and have a big breakfast and then have another meal or two in the day depending on hunger. Any possible triggers like nuts and cheese (so many binges!) are a nono. Let's see if this helps the cravings go away.

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    The only way you will get over your sugar cravings will be to stop eating sugary or sweet tasting things. I would advocate for *more* exercise not less. Afterward your body will be primed for primal foods -- protein and fat, vegetables, once consumed they will counteract any cravings you would have had for sugar.

    It's not going to be easy - there will be times you really want something sweet after dinner but you'll need to fight through it.

    Once thing I can recommend is


    whole milk

    It kills chocolate/sweet cravings very effectively and tastes great. A terrific way to transition to more primal fare.

    a heaping tablespoon for every 8 ounces is a good measure.

    good luck.
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      I think that a lot of times there are two main reasons for cravings and binges: your body desperately needs something, or your body is desperately addicted to something poisonous.

      When I find myself bingeing on nuts/cheese, it is almost always because I need much, much more protein than I'm eating, which is why I'm drawn to nuts and cheese, but also why eating it doesn't satisfy the craving really. Nuts look and feel like protein, but, and I think Mark's written about this before, they're not complete proteins, for the most part. Cheese has complete proteins, but you really need to eat a good amount of it to get as much as you would from a cut of beef.

      When I'm craving sugar/carbs, it's either because I'm not eating enough carbs (eat lots of veggies!), not enough food in general (in which case I just crave everything) or because I've recently eaten something my body really does not agree with, like grains or things I'm allergic to. For whatever reason, when my body fights off things it considers poison, it simultaneously wants more of it, but not in like that craving way, more in like an addiction way, the way that people want to drink a bloody mary at brunch after a huge bender, to take the edge off of withdrawal.

      So, short answer: eat a lot, a lot of food. Make that food, percentage-wise, really high in complete animal proteins. Don't eat grains/sugar for at least a week to let it get out of your system and give your gut a chance to heal.


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        Thanks for the advice guys, really appreciate it


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          I've been primal for 1 year and 8 months and if it wasn't for raw goats milk I don't think I would've been able to stick to primal.
          What I didn't realize is that the milk kept feeding my drug addiction to opioids, which so many grains/man-made sugars also feed, esp. wheat.
          There was another thread about this sometime last week that I've come across and my whole milk addiction was finally explained.
          I never cared much for nuts xept chestnuts during fall, so that was never an issue here.

          Since the goats dried up and I am now forcing myself to go with the season (and not give in and buy store milk, yuck) I had to cut out ALL dairy cold turkey about 4 weeks ago. Since those 4 weeks some remarkable things have happened.
          My craving for fruit has gone down drastically...and for carbs in general. I feel a sense of freedom in my brain, like rediscovering primal all over again even though I've been primal for almost 2 years. I've lost another 10 lbs during the last 4 weeks, and I'm now at my ideal weight, not normal weight.
          I feel much lighter, less bloated (or the feeling of fatness). My thick skin turned into a smooth, thin skin. I had rhino skin around my rib cage and a small spare tire still while consuming milk...

          Here is the weird part: I dropped milk right around my last period and I am due in a few days. In the past at this point I would raid the kitchen for anything and everything edable in sight, espeically sweet things like fruit. To my surprise I am not even hungry...I just forced myself to eat some rice pudding (i know not primal but at least it's home made) because I haven't eaten carbs in probably 4 days. I couldn't even get 8 oz of white rice down and gave part of it to my dog.
          Could an addiction to the natural 'drugs' from carbs be so powerful? I believe it can.
          Cut out the dairy folks.


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            Thanks, I found the thread, gonna see what I learn and gratz on your success!


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              I am a firm believer in binges being about starvation at a cellular level. If you were doing intense work outs, and you craved sugar, you probably need more carbs. Just pick better quality, more nutrient dense ones. Good Luck.

              The cocoa mentioned above is a great source of iron (maybe partly why I crave chocolate during TOM).

              the other day I made a coconut butter by putting 2C of unsweetened dried coconut into my processor, then when it was smooth I added a tablespoon of the cocoa powder. Pour it onto a parchment paper lined dish and put in the fridge. Break it up and enjoy, sparingly I try to get 16 to 20 pieces out of it. It is very satisfying.
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