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Meat burn out! Help!

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  • Meat burn out! Help!

    I have been adapting to the Primal nutrition and fitness over the last three months! I have come to a rut though!! I am not enjoying meat any more as when I first started eating Primal! Any suggestions as how to over come this?

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    Vegetarian (*shock, horror*) plus cheese?


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      Maybe make one meal of the day meat-free, but still primal and delicious?

      Yesterday I had primal/paleo pumpkin pancakes for lunch and it made me appreciate my steak dinner all the more!


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        I lost my sense of steak for a couple of days last week. I was very worried, and I was considering calling a doctor about it, but it came back on its own. Hope your taste for meat comes back soon!
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          Originally posted by NorthernMonkeyGirl View Post
          Vegetarian (*shock, horror*) plus cheese?
          +1 also change the menu with pork, beef, lamb, goat meats, then add in some Greek Yogurt, buffalo meat.
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            If you've only eaten red meat sources than yeah you're probably burnt out.
            I get the same way.
            I now eat a diet higher in fish and only have red meat actually 1x every 2 weeks.
            I however always cook everything in lamb tallow or beef lard and even if I eat a vegetarian meal I end up with plenty of animal fat because my veggies literally swim in grease

            There is nothing wrong with getting burnt out on meat, take advantage of it and eat other nutritious sources that fill your body's needs.
            I like squah in can also do a baked potato and sour cream, add chives and healthy salt.
            Scallops are sweet in taste and dont taste like meat at all, so that might be a good food for you to eat while off the meat wagon. Scallops are expensive though, but they're very filling and 2 per meal are enough to fill me belly with fried squash.
            Try it, you'll like it.
            Don't forget to use plenty of butter/coconut oil/palm oil, lard, tallow....etc Oh and don't forget about a giant salad with cucumbers, tamatos, etc...

            You're fine.


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              Same thing has happened with me. I have incorporated more seafood but the seafood I have access to and can afford is disgusting and inedible. I just bought some shrimp and it was so gross/bad quality I had to throw it out that is how bad it was. What protein choices are left if you are burnt out on meat AND seafood and don't eat dairy!? lol I am in a two week rut.
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                diff. salads, green butter lettuce with lots of herbs, tomatos and cucumber and perhaps boiled egg slices
                cucumber salad
                tomato salad
                raddish salad
                kraut salad

                Cauliflour and boiled potato with salt and coconut oil
                Pot of stew (home made, just add broth)
                Potato cream soup (home made)
                White rice/seaweed rolls with salt
                Potato dumplins (can add bone marrow to texture) and make a gravy to pour over dumplin (bavarian dumplin recipe)
                Oh and also egg/pickle/few potatoes salad (chop boiled egg, chop pickles, chop boiled potato after it's cooled off a bit. Mix it all together, add pickle juice...salt for taste...done )
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                  I never get tired of scrambled eggs. Nom nom nom.
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                    I'm eating less and less meat now. When I get the hankerin', it's there for me, but otherwise .... meh.

                    Haven't accidentally starved to death yet.
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                      There are many meats. On which are you burnt out? Also many, many ways of preparing meat. Finally, there are even more vegetables and ways of preparing them to accompany your meat.

                      In short, meat isn't your issue. Try some imagination
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