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Sprouted grains and nuts

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  • Sprouted grains and nuts

    Do any of you eat sprouted grains or nuts? I had a piece of sprouted grain toast after going primal, and it tasted really good but didn't make me feel so great. I recently saw sprouted nuts (almonds, I think?) at my grocery store, but the grocer couldn't tell me much about them.

    Anyone have arguments for or against these things? Thanks!

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    Sprouted grains are still grains. I know sprouting neutralizes some of the phytates but I believe most of the nasty proteins, like gluten, are still intact. I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong on this one.

    As for prepackaged sprouted nuts - I'd be leary as the oils in nuts are pretty fragile and go rancid easily. I personally prepare my nuts by soaking and drying out as per the Nourishing Traditions recipe. This makes the nuts more digestible and neutralizes some of the tannins and other not so good stuff. Plus it's cheaper to buy them in bulk & DIY. My fave are walnuts prepared this way. They taste really good.


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      I eat sprouted quinoa but nothing else. I love it and I think it's safe enough.

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