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The crap in my supermarket meat.

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  • The crap in my supermarket meat.

    Some time ago I switched from supermarket ground meat to that from my butchers because of all the fillers in it. Yesterday I found myself in need of food at a time my butcher was already closed. So I went to the store and here they had this action price for ground beef. I checked the ingredients to see how bad it would be and found most of the fillers weren't in it anymore. Apart from beef there was only two more ingredients. It would be cheaper and more convenient for me to just buy this stuff instead of having to go to the butcher. Please tell me if there's anything bad about these two things and what will it do to me.

    Anti Oxidant (E301)
    Citric Acid

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    If you are not getting meat from your butcher that is so radically better in taste than the meat from your supermarket that you would never consider the supermarket as a regular option, you need to find a good butcher. Supermarket meat is a joke and almost a waste of money.


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      There probably is a difference between the supermarket meat here (The Netherlands) and where you live .


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        What are the fillers? I didn't know ground beef from the supermarket was anything but ground beef. If you're talking about lips and other sphincters that's still beef.
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          I don't know how it is for other countries but in the U.S. the USDA does allow meat packers to put meat "filler" into the ground meat. What this means is they take trimmings that are unfit for human consumption(contaminated with feces) grind it into a pink sludge and bathe it in ammonia to kill off any e. coli then blast freeze it. Sounds delicious doesn't it? If you get ground beef from the supermarket, make sure they grind it in front of you from a whole piece of meat.

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            Maybe. But the principal is the same. Hopefully, a quality meat source is available to you. Great meat is getting increasingly difficult to find here can be done, but you must be deliberate about it. When I was young, our meat was generally excellent. It has been in steady decline over the last 50 years.


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              Ah, I see. I get my beef from a local grass-fed source. It probably has no sludge blasted with amonia but if there are icky body parts in there I'm okay with that.
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                When we first moved to Holland, we went shopping in a store called VD (Vroom&Dreesman). Aside being called VD, the worst experience was the hamburger (VD Burger). It is some mixture of pork, beef, bread, and spices I'd never had. We quickly learned to order Ham and Cheese Toasties and not "hamburgers".

                Back to your question, if the supermarket hamburger is just ground beef and fat, I'd get that, but if there is other stuff in it I'd go to a butcher.

                I was no way primal when I lived in Holland, and thinking back, I ate a shitload of Nasiballen, (deep fried, breaded balls of rice!) and Bamiballen (deep fried, breaded balls of noodles!). But they also had really, really awesome beef tartar that was 100% ground, prime beef served raw. Plus, when mussels were in season you could buy a sack full for real cheap. The vegetable aisle in most grocery stores was phenomenal!

                I feel bad for anyone in Holland trying to go low carb, their bread is always fresh and delicious! And, if you have never had dutch french fries covered in peanut butter sauce, well, you haven't lived!


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                  I'm investing in a personal meat grinder to make my own ground meat...after reading about how its more 'pure' than the store bought stuff...I cant go wrong.
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                    Additives - E-numbers: E301, E302, E304, E306, E307, E308, E309

                    List of what the ingredients are in Europe.


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                      I think E605 is Rat Poison.


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                        Originally posted by raptoryell View Post
                        I'm investing in a personal meat grinder to make my own ground meat...after reading about how its more 'pure' than the store bought stuff...I cant go wrong.
                        I grind all my own with an old fashioned looking hand-powered meat grinder. You can get a really nice one for under $100. Buy a cheap roast and some "side pork", first grind the beef, then the pork. Mix together and grind again. Best burger you'll ever eat! Mix about 5lbs beef to 1 or 2lbs side pork. Make sure there's no skin on the side pork, as there is usually a little in every pack. You'll notice it right away, it's like a strip of leather.


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                          I've eaten grass fed burgers for the last few years. Went to a bbq a few weeks ago and the hamburger meat looked like pink paste. Truly awful. Not even close to what get from my grassfed all organic guy.


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                            I don't like bread that much really, so no biggie there. And I have a deep frying pan filled with lard to make me some fries with peanut butter sauce, cause fuck you peanut butter sauce once or twice a month won't kill me.

                            The meat in the supermarket is fine in taste and the rules here for food are pretty strict. I won't have to worry about sludge or whatever because if it is even allowed it must be listed on the packaging. For example meat glue is allowed here but it must be listed. We can choose to poison ourselfs .

                            Back to the question though, E301 seems fine. So what about citric acid?


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                              I ran across this with frozen chicken recently...

                              I've been trying to find boneless skinless chicken breast that hasn't been subjected to either soy protein isolate or glucose solids during production, but it seems to be quite the rarity around here.

                              Even trying to find out WHY they're using soy protein isolate has been a challenge, as looking at the nutritional info VS the stated % of meat protein it does not appear to be adding to the protein count. The closest I've came to a reason is references to the production process of breaded chicken based products, which apparently use soy protein isolate to reduce breading/coating blow-off during production.

                              Why the hell this is done to boneless & skinless chicken I've got no idea... One of the meat packing companies is rather local tho, so I'm contemplating calling and finding out, and inquire about un-"seasoned" chicken.
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