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  • sleeping problems

    i go to sleep at around 2-3am every night and wake up at 11am so its 8-9 hours of sleep. but now i try to move back a few hours so i go to sleep at around 11pm.
    But anyway i had this thing in the last few months or so, it takes me a while to fall asleep, sometimes 10 minutes, somtimes an hour but never right ahead. I do have alot on my mind and my mind is full of thoughts but is there anything nutrition wise that can help me?
    and the more important thing is, i am constantly tired.. all day long.. even if i sleep 8-9 hours im still tired all the times.. do u know what can cause it? i remember i was like that even when my sleep hours were ok (going to sleep at around 10pm), is there anything nutrition wise i can do about it?
    I wake up by puting a clock to wake me up and its very hard to get up and every few days or so i cant pull myself to wake up and i stay asleep for alot of time (lets say i go to sleep at 2am, i set my clock to 11am, but i cant wake up and stay asleep until around 2-3pm).

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    How much caffeine do you drink? Any caffeine (at all, even strong tea) can mess with my sleep.


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      I'd suggest trying a diary for a couple of weeks rather than going straight to supplements.

      30 mins before you go to bed write out the days feelings etc into the diary and make a list of what you need to do the next day (2 diaries may be the way ahead so you can take the one with the things to do to work etc and not worry about anyone reading it)

      Then if anything occurs to you before you go to bed just jot it down in the diary - once its bed time and you've done your usual sleepy routine ie read a book etc if your mind still keeps going just tell yourself its in your diary and you'll deal with it later (of course if it isn't then add it in).

      After a few nights your diary should have captured all the stuff so your mind is not spending all night worrying that it mustn't forget stuff and you can get a decent nights sleep.

      Also No TV, Computers in the last 40 mins before going to bed so your mind can relax and I'd avoid food and caffeine for 3-4 hours before bed if possible.
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        I think its easier to try to wake up earlier than to try to go to bed earlier. You can't force yourself to fall asleep unless you're actually tired. Try getting up at 8am for a while and you will find it easier to fall asleep at 11pm!
        Do you have natural light in your room? It's hard to sleep till 2-3pm with the sun shining in your face (for me at least) maybe keep the blinds open and your schedule will get more normalized just through the sunlight.
        Also: exercise, cut the caffeine and melatonin if you really need it (just don't take it too often, I take it every once in a while when I'm dragging and want a guaranteed refreshing sleep)


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          Avoid caffiene after noon.

          Avoid alcohol, particularly more than 1 drink per night.

          Dim the lights when the sun goes down. Turn off all electronic gadgets, especially those that produce light like televisions and computer monitors.

          Drink some Natural Calm (magnesium) before bed. Introduce gradually to avoid undesirable laxitive effect.

          Cover all light sources while you sleep -- even your clock radio.

          Shift toward going to bed earlier and waking up at sunrise.

          Make sure you aren't overtrained.
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            This sounds like me for the last 7-10 years.

            Things that help me: getting off the computer and not watching TV within an hour before bed. I usually read in bed and it gets my mind in order so I can fall asleep faster. I take 5-HTP for depression & it also helps me sleep. You might try supplementing magnesium at first. Be consistent about bedtime and wake-up times for a week or two, and allow for 9 hours of sleep during that time just to make sure you're getting enough. If I'm hungry, I eat within 1/2-1hr of getting out of bed. I try not to eat within a few hours of bedtime.

            Writing in a journal is a good idea to get your thoughts in order too. If you do any thinking while trying to sleep after that, it's probably more productive and you'll still fall asleep easier.

            If I REALLY can't fall asleep, I go to the bathroom and 9/10 I have to pee a bit. Then I do some push-ups and get back into bed and I can usually fall asleep easily.

            I'm still working on the feeling energized in the morning/during the day, but I believe I have adrenal fatigue so that's probably part of the problem for me.
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              I have a hard time falling asleep too. I use a sleep mask and ear plugs! When I was in high school, I was obsessed with Disney's Alice in Wonderland, so I memorized it. so now, I recite it in my head if I can't sleep. I usually fall asleep sometime after she falls down the rabbit hole. it helps me to focus on one thing and calm my mind down, because usually my head is racing when I try to sleep. my brain just has to remember all past bad experiences and make me feel guilty about them. :C
              it's like, just shut up brain! why can't you remember the good things!


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                I get 10 hours of sleep most nights. Maybe you are like me and need even more sleep than just 8-9 hours. I get laughed at sometimes because I tend to fall asleep in the 8-o'clock hour but that's just how I roll apparently. Some people find that magnesium citrate supplements help them fall asleep and sleep more soundly.
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