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Organic grass fed Lamb Liver

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  • Organic grass fed Lamb Liver

    Just been to the market (Surrey, UK) and bought 27 ounces of lambs liver for 1.I reckon that is the bargain of the year for me!

    Question - would it be bad to eat liver over several consecutive days? Or should I slice it and freeze a couple of portions for later use?

    I was concerned about the huge amount of Vit A, for example, that 3 ounces shows on FitDay being too much if I do this for several meals in a row - and yet, I can't help feeling that our primitive ancestors would have eaten all of the liver / offal first, as it goes off so much faster than muscle meat.

    Can large quantities of copper, iron, vit A etc be stored in the body, or is a surplus just excreted?

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    A few considerations:

    * your need for vitamin A increases with your intake of vitamin D so the RDA for vitamin A may be significantly less than you need

    * the body does store A

    * you should consider average intake over a moderate period. One liver is not going to hurt you. I will eat liver with breakfast for a week or two, then swap to something else, such as brains

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      I haven't had brains since I was a child - I don't think I could cope with them now!

      I'll go with liver for several days then. Thanks.


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        Mark did a post on this recently: Does the Liver Store Toxins? | Mark's Daily Apple.

        I buy my liver (American buffalo or bison) in approximately 12 to 16 oz frozen packs and eat it over 2 or 3 days for breakfast. I think you could readily freeze it. 27 oz over a few days seems like a lot to me.