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  • Don't trust my doctor

    A brief rant.

    All I want is to get a VAP cholesterol test to break down my LDL so that I know whether the high number (200+) is something to be concerned about (my HDL is 121; my tris are 36; overall cholesterol is 300+). So my primary doc leaves me a message explaining that the VAP test "really doesn't add anything to determining a person's risk factor and a need to be treated," and that "the information that's on the web [about VAP testing] is from a company that's behind the testing" so he completely dismissed it.

    Yes, only one company has the rights to produce the VAP test. I didn't realize that makes it synonymous with "irrelevant."

    My primary's doc's main assistant just spoke with me. And she suggested that in three months I get another cholesterol test, and this time they'd also do an apolipoprotein test. Based on the quickie research I just did, it looks like this would break down the numbers. But the main assistant doc said that no, it just gives "total numbers" and tells you whether you're "at risk."

    So we left it that in a few months, I'll get another test, and they'll run the apolipoprotein test as well.

    Considering that this is the same practice that prescribed blood pressure medication to help me with my raynaud's -- even though my blood pressure tends to be on the low side of average already (100/60 is fairly common for me), I'm not enthusiastic about this doc **not** prescribing some sort of cholesterol medication.

    I'm getting out. I have an appointment with another highly recommended doc at a different practice in January.

    I used to trust my doctor. But lately I've been questioning everything.
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    +1 get a second opinion for sure...maybe even a specialist as well, I would do it before even thinking about taking statins
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      Check out the only labs such as direct labs, privatemd labs etc they all run specials on VAP and NMRs then you can have it done... and find a doc who knows what they're doing
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        Find out if your insurance company will ever cover the VAP even if your doctor orders it.

        If answer is No decide if you're willing to pay or it.

        If Yes, go to and order it yourself.