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  • night cravings

    im having this thing in the last few weeks where at about 8-9pm i just start craving for carbs.
    and it stays in my mind till i go to sleep at about 2-3 am.
    usually its for candies and few times i actually drove to a 24hr shop and bought some candies but the feeling on desperation after eating the candies is too much and i actually stopped doing it, so now i just crave for other things, potatoes, or pasta (i know its not healthy of course but my family eats it so its always in my house) or bread.
    any advices? tips?

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    How much sleep do you get at night? Maybe you should just go to sleep at 9-10pm so that your body knows that it's time to sleep and not trying to find sustenance to stay up through the night.

    If you can't go to sleep, perhaps a sweet potato would do it for your cravings if it's within your carb allowance.
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      have a high protein dinner and a smoothie at night...that got me through the carb cravings my first couple weeks on PB. I no longer have those cravings


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        eat 0 carbs all day, and then have some carbs before bed


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          potato, pasta > candies anyday. i dont see what saarx bed time has to do with craving. i mean as long as saarx gets 8hrs of sleep right? ppl need to realize that eating a candy will not send u to helll. PB is not a religion u dont need to make urself depressed b/c u had a candy. u did it, get over it and just make sure to get back on track.
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            i go to sleep at around 2-3am and wake up at 11am so thats 8-9 hours of sleep.
            the problem is im really addicted to candies, ive been pretty fat in the past and its usually not just 1 candy but most of times it ends up with me eating like 3000 calories in one sitting.
            maybe i will try not eating carbs all day and then il eat a big salad and maybe 2-3 potatoes at night and still i wont end up eating too much carbs.


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              Allow me to introduce you to one of my new favorite bed time stories:
              Go The F*ck To Sleep

              and, yes, that was a hint on fixing your carb craving problems. Bed by 10 or 11, dude!
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