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    If it's not information overload, I just wanted to chime in that I've had a lot of success following a reduced food reward diet as per Stephan Guyenet's recommendations. Still Primal, with less yum. Less yum = lower appetite (MUCH lower) = fewer calories in, but a body that understands that it's time to live off the fat now. So none of the usual downsides of calorie restriction. My energy levels are good, thermoregulation is fine, mood is remarkably stable, and the weight is falling off faster than it ever did on just Primal alone. Plus food preparation time is absolutely minimal, so it frees up a lot of time which might help with your stress. (I just do a big crock pot with a bland but nutrient-dense stew once a week or so, plus eggs or a bland smoothie in the mornings. No snacking necessary. All my meals take less than a minute to prepare.)