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Anyone eat a raw paleo/primal diet for added nutrients?

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  • Anyone eat a raw paleo/primal diet for added nutrients?

    My question is this. I've been primal for about 2 years and recently joined the raw paleo forums. I posted a pic of my breakfast which included bacon (not burnt to a crisp), raw duck egg yolk, steamed heirloom and boiled chestnuts.
    I warmed up the meal in rough bovine bone marrow, which is hard to swallow raw.
    Obviously, cooking allows us to increase the variety of foods and nutrients we get tremendously!
    So, if I decide to warm up my raws, steam fibrous vegetables to break down cellulose and boil nuts such as chestnuts, which can't be eaten raw ... I would think that I'm doing myself more good than harm, right?

    Well, I was dogged out and shunned by several people about ruining perfectly good bone marrow (they don't know I have 50 lbs of that rough stuff in my freezer). I was called ignorant, stupid, retarded and an attention ho all in 1 sentence.

    Why would warming up or gently heating bone marrow be such a bad thing for my health?