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    Help! I have been eating Primal for about 4 weeks now. About 3 weeks ago, I started experiencing horrible, loose stools. ( Sorry to be so graphic!). I eat eggs, fruit, meat, nuts, and veggies. The main difference in how I eat now versus how I ate before is the elimination of grains. I have not had a normal bowel movement in 3 weeks. Have made an appointment with the gastroenterologist, but I am wondering if this is due to the change in my diet. I never run a fever, and never feel bad. I have not lost a drastic amount of weight, which I would assume I would considering my stomach issues. I have lots 6 lbs in 4 weeks. Which I think is good, since my goal is to lose weight. I am wondering if anyone has experienced this, or has any thoughts
    about this. Thanks!

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    How much fat are you eating? That can affect things if you add too much too soon. Could also be something you're eating that you have a sensitivity to. Have you added something new, or are you eating a lot more of something in particular?
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      I am definitely eating more fat than I used to. I am guilty of having the fat-is-bad-for-you mentality, so I have not eaten much fat in the last several years. The only thing I have really added is more fruit than I used to eat. I added some things like coconut oil, and coconut milk, but when I cut those out the issues did not go away. So I basically ruled those out as culprits. I also thought maybe it was the eggs, but cutting those out had no positive effects either.


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        nuts first,then fruit,then fat content. look at it in that order. get ur fats down and slowly increase them, it is also possible that the higher fat is causing a die off of bad bacteria/yeast or who knows what in your intestinal track...which just sucks for u but thats life itll go away eventually lol


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          It may not even be about what you're eating, but in what quantities. High fiber (lots of fruit/veggies) could be doing it, high fat might be doing it, and if you're eating a lot of nuts, they can also be very irritating for the gut. Try switching things up if you can.


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            Not a big surprise -- you have drastically changed your diet. You may very well be experiencing some die-off of gut flora that really needed the sugar and grains to survive (which makes them a non-favorable gut flora.) Note -- with a die off, comes a purge, and your guts know exactly how to accomplish this.

            I would not personally go running to the doctor -- he will tell you to get back on grains and SAD. May put you on proton-pump inhibitors. The above advice is good -- cut back on nuts, ease up on fat, though you should be able to go to 70% fat in you diet, if you chose, eventually. Loose stools is you body's way of dealing with the changes. And it may not be you only gut-die-off. Do add probiotics, as well. Again, do it slowly, your body should figure it out in a few more weeks.

            Check this forum and other blogs for information on leaky gut and other problems that devolve from the SAD diet (Winston Price is a good place to look.) Your gut may need quite a bit of healing, so look to bone broth as well on a daily basis.

            There is nothing you are describing that is unusual. Some folks go the loose way, some get constipated. Some go back and forth. Please consider giving your gut the time and proper diet to heal before rushing to a CW doc for "help."
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