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  • Eating schedule advice.

    Hello everyone.

    Just getting back onto primal in recent days and I find myself having trouble establishing a normal eating pattern around the same times everyday. This is due to my ever changing work schedule that changes day-to-day. Because of this, I'm wondering if it would be better to eat just two big meals per day (breakfast and lunch) which could be at normal times, or would it be better to just eat a late dinner at a different time every night. I want to try and fast for at least 12 hours between my last and first meal, but this is proving impossible as of the moment.

    Your thoughts would be great. FYI: I'm trying to lose weight and gain lean mass, 28 yo.

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    I only do two meals a day, about 9am and 5pm and I feel no need for lunch at all. But that works with my schedule. YMMV


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      Try 10am & 5pm or Noon - 7pm. This is easiest for me because I can't stand being hungry at work or making dinner for my husband without eating myself.
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        i really dont have a set schedule but i fast everyday 14hrs+. if my last meal is at 930 pm then ill eat at 1230pm, or my last meal is 430pm ill eat at 730 next morning. as long as IF it doesnt matter when i eat. it works for me and keeps my body on it toes so to speak. cause then ur prone to eat at the sametime and u cant do that all the time.
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