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    Okay, here's my dilemma-

    I TOTALLY had a primal binge last night.

    Surprisingly, I'm not beating myself up too bad about it, but I'm also recognizing it isn't ideal. It has been some time (probably a month or more) since I've binged like that, and I just can't put my finger on why it happens. I recognize that I'm going to do it and once I've made the decision, I just eat and eat and eat until I'm impressively uncomfortable.

    I sort of feel like this might be my body "catching up", or that might just be an excuse I'm making.

    Either way, I'm recognizing that it isn't the end of the world, and I'm just going back to my usual eating habits. I can't kick the guilt entirely, but I realize it is unproductive and the important thing is to just keep on going with what I know is best.

    But do you guys have these "lapses"? How do you feel about them? Do you think there is a trigger or do you think it even matters?

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    i do this from time to time, sometimes on primal foods, sometimes on pizza and ice cream. i used to have a lot of remorse, but not really any more. a little binge every now and then isn't that bad, won't derail your success, and can even improve your success...if they're few and far between. i wouldn't make a habit of doing this sort of thing, and i wouldn't consider it part of the 80/20 rule either (just consider it a random, unexpected thing); just get back on track. you seem to be doing the right thing already.


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      I struggle with this (as I did before primal). When I first started primal I would still have non-primal binges from time to time. However, since doing the leptin reset I honestly don't crave non-primal foods even during binges. I don't know if the two are related or if it has just been the amount of time on primal that has made non-primal foods totally feel not worth it.

      I still feel emotionally bad after having them - a kind of a "why am I so weak that I give into this" kind of thing. However, my binges have decreased in severity (1000s of cals to 100s of cals "extra") so the emotional self-flogging is a bit less I have also noticed that not eating enough during the day does seem to trigger them. If I'm hungry all day (due to eating too little or perhaps just a day where for some reason I really do need more food) I almost always binge. The leptin reset has seemed to help with this - I think because I'm never letting myself get too hungry - like I used to with intermittent fasting, etc.

      Overall I think you are doing the right thing - just get back on track - its really all you can do anyway - right - just be better than yesterday


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        Thanks for the feedback! primal rob- You're right, I'm not going to consider it part of the 80/20 rule... it isn't something I want to plan for!

        lori- I hear you. I'm currently in week 6 of leptin reset and this is the first time I've binged during it. I definitely agree that it happens when I'm feeling hungrier all day- it's like it builds up and then I just feel like I have to stuff myself to be satisfied. Although I really think I don't mentally feel satiated like I should a lot of the time. I rely too much on feeling physically full, which is something I'm trying to work on. More fat I think will help. Also, I was eating around 50 grams of carbs per day and the last few weeks it has been creeping up to 80 and then 100 for the past couple days. Do you think this has something to do with it?

        Good for you for getting your splurges down in calories, though. Last night was a whopper- seriously, "dinner" (if you can even call it that) was around 3500 calories. I hope I don't gain.

        That's a lot for me-- I'm 5'4" and 110 lbs!!!!


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          I find that the more carbs I eat on a daily basis, the more likely I am to overeat. In my past food logs, I've noticed that I ate a least on VLC days of 30g carbs, versus the 110g of carbs days in which I go over by like 500 kcal.
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            I find that if I eat too much fat and not enough carbs I'm actually more hungry ;| so I guess everyone is different.
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              Originally posted by activia View Post
              I find that if I eat too much fat and not enough carbs I'm actually more hungry ;| so I guess everyone is different.
              Me, too!


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                I definitely find that allowing myself to snack causes carbs to increase. When I started the leptin reset I was good about snacking (as in I didn't ). However, I'm back to eating a lb of carrots every 2 days and a lb of snap peas every few days. 85% dark chocolate is up too - as is my weight (just 1-2 lbs in about 2 months). I haven't seen a trend in carbs and binging though - just overall calories. My binges are now entirely almond butter, peanut butter (we keep it around for the dog... sigh) and dried fruit and rice cakes. Seems odd But that is what I want. I've toyed with the idea of eating more carbs on a daily basis to see if it helped with cravings but I like eating lower carb better so I'm not going to mess with that yet.


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                  I think I feel better on low carb, too, but it has been awhile since I was truly low carb, so it's hard for me to say. My hypothesis is that I'll feel better if I cut back, so I'm going to test that out.

                  Lori- we sound like we have similar issues. I find that with carbs I also go WAY overboard on raw veggies. I'll eat a big ass salad for lunch, but then eat like 2 lbs of celery and cucumbers, too. It's "low cal" but still weird. I don't want to have to eat to feeling stuffed... I want to feel satisfied.
                  And nut butters are my total downfall!!! I refuse to keep them in the house. In fact, I had two little packets of Justin's almond butter at lunch yesterday. Shit. Maybe this is part of what went horribly, horribly wrong!! But it's kind of like, "Which came first, the chicken or the egg?" Because I felt cravings for a couple days, which is why I ended up buying the almond butter, which then led to overeating. So it is all intertwined.

                  The other issue I have, though, is that I have trouble finding satisfying things to eat that are high fat when I'm trying to be really low carb. Nuts are out (obviously) and I've had a hard time with coconut in the past. I put it on my "no" list, because I found it made me realllly hungry and feel strange. I don't get it because most people say it's great to keep them feel full. I might need to slowly ease into it, like, one teaspoon at a time. But I don't know... it's sort of too much like nut butter, where I have one spoonful and end up wanting the whole jar.


                  I was hoping LR would clear all this nonsense up. Maybe it really is just in my head, and I need to come to terms with that. I just want to feel SATISFIED, dammit.


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                    I also have dealt with binge eating for the last two years or so. Since going primal (3 months ago) I have almost completely quit having binges. The only time I run into problems is if I go for three or four days at a calorie deficit and/or have not been eating enough fat. I've nearly completely ditched chicken because even skin-on thighs don't fully satiate me. I would recommend eating mainly ruminants ( no pork or chicken). Also, instead of eating ground meat, try full steaks or chunked stew meat. Go for fattier cuts. The process of more chewing combined with a fattier meat will more fully satiate you. Hope this helps!


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                      Thanks, primalsun-- I'll have to pay closer attention to how I feel after different types of protein.

                      For now, I'm going to do lower carbs for awhile and see how that goes. I also am adding in coconut milk... but still am on the fence about other stuff!


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                        Lately, every meal has been a primal binge.

                        Honestly though. I think I've reached a threshold where I really can't put on any more mass no matter how much I stuff into my mouth. Either something's really wrong or my body has simply reached an extremely comfortable homeostasis and it's trying hard to keep me there.

                        I know, totally not what the thread was intending to talk about and I'm probably making people mad just by saying it, but it's something I'm scratching my head over lately. But if it makes any of you feel any better, I used to be extremely susceptible to sugar binges, and I was not only overweight but constantly getting sick. Stick with the paleo/primal gig, it gets easier over time.


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                          I hope so. I've definitely figured out certain triggers, which is helpful, but I don't feel like I'm where I ultimately want to be yet with cravings.

                          Overall, I guess I shouldn't complain bc I don't need to lose weight. But still, I don't want to gain, and that's part of why this troubles me.

                          That and the fact that my stomach is TOTALLY messed up from eating so much. Those extra 3500 calories are just sitting like lead in my stomach. That right there is a major motivation to not do this again.


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                            Buoy - I PM'ed you.