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Question on carinogens is smoked meats

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  • Question on carinogens is smoked meats

    I've read that meats that are chard by open flame increase the amount of carcinogens, especially when the animal fat is burnt. I was wondering if anyone knows about meats that are cooked in a smoker. My grocery store sells whole smoked chicken breasts which are pretty good after the skin is removed and are super easy to prep, Im just hoping that they are healthy.

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    I cannot comment on smoked meat... But IIRC from my organic chem (7 years ago so bear with me) open flame actualy making contact with animal fat creates the same compound (heterocyclic amines IIRC) that is one of the major baddies is tobacco smoke.

    However it was in such small ammounts that your risk of cancer somewhere in your gut is next to 0. I wouldnt stress over it honestly. Everything give you cancer and everything will kill you these days...


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      If I die from eating too much meat from my smoker, at least I will die with a full belly and a smile on my face.


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        I don't think the real smoked meats are as much of a problem as some of the "smoke flavored" grocery store stuff.


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          I heard that any burnt stuff that may create carcinogens can easily be remedied by consuming cabbage at the same time. Hence Korean BBQ + kimchi = awesome meal!
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