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Question about total fat intake and the RDA amounts?

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  • Question about total fat intake and the RDA amounts?

    I am very excited to be on the paleo diet. I was an early adopter with the book Neanderthin around 2000, but I abandoned that to pursue a Mediterranean diet instead.

    With new research about Paleo diets, I have decided to adopt Paleo once again and have been feeling wonderful on this lifestyle.

    But I have a question I cannot seem to find an answer to in Primal Blueprint or in other materials.

    Is the RDA for total fat and total saturated fat a good target for fat intake? Or is a paleo diet going to deviate from these amounts?

    Right now, I totaled up my fat intake on the Paleo and it seemed to be about 150% of RDA. And I don't know if that's good or bad or neither, as I know the types of fats are of greater importance than amounts. As an example, Intuit populations subsist on far higher amounts of fat than the RDA recommends.

    An comments much appreciated,

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    Read the Primal Blueprint 101 on this website.
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      I looked there:

      ■Protein: Average .7 – 1 gram per pound of lean body mass/day – depending on activity levels (more at times is fine).
      ■Carbs: 50-100 grams/day (or less) = accelerated fat loss. 100-150 grams/day = effortless weight maintenance. Heavy exercisers can increase carb intake as needed to replace glycogen stores.
      ■Fat: Enjoy freely but sensibly for balance of caloric needs and high dietary satisfaction levels.

      It recommends a certain about of protein and carbs. But fat is just a sensible amount. What is a sensible amount?


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        I'm pretty sure he means sensible total calories (including all macronutrients) than sensible fat grams


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          Thanks. I guess then I don't need to worry about the amount of fat calories, as long as total calories are sensible?


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            Sorry to be so questioning. But all my life it has been drilled into me to limit fat intake (calories of total calories). So wasn't sure if I need to worry about that on Paleo or not.


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              no sweat. we were (almost) all confused like that in the beginning.