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Demand-based eating?

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  • Demand-based eating?

    This is something to which I've been giving a lot of thought lately, and I wanted to bounce it off of people here. I know our bodies require a certain amount of energy for basic survival functions, but what I'm wondering is if anyone has had any success with "budgeting" their food intake based on anticipated activity levels throughout a given period of time(typically just a day). For example, do I need to eat a large breakfast if I know that I'm just going to be sitting on my duff all day at work? I know that sometime during the evening I'll be doing a workout(6pm or later, usually), so does it make more sense to have a small breakfast and a fairly substantial meal around 2 or 3pm?

    I'm just not sure about large breakfasts anymore if I'm going be doing a lot of ass-sitting that day.

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    ya, sometimes i will eat some fruit before i play basketball


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      I don't. I just eat as much as my body wants when I'm eating, not as much as I think it may need later.
      "All of God's creatures have a natural habitat... my dinner plate." -Me