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  • Another stalled progress thread

    Hi all,

    I've been doing the primal blueprint model FAIRLY strictly for about 3 or 4 weeks now. The first week I went through a pretty quick weight drop of about 5 or 6 lbs, and then continued a couple pounds a week until I am where I'm at now.

    I started at 204 and am currently at 188 (completely empty, fasted, etc.). I'm 5'6'', and I'm guessing somewhere in the ballpark of 24% body fat? I would ideally like to lose another 15-20 lbs. of fat until I'm at what I consider my ideal weight...

    SO, here is my setup:

    I workout 3x/week, a-la WS4SB template... I really enjoy that kind of work.
    I walk or bike ride every day for about an hour
    I sprint once a week for 8-10 50-75 m runs, which lasts about 15 minutes

    I have started the whole IF thing daily during the week... 16/8 format, and just eat normally on the weekends.

    Here is my diet:
    I mainly eat stuff like chicken (breasts, thighs, whole roasters), steak (tri-tip, roasts, rib-eye, sirloin, etc.), Eggs (fritatta or fried form usually... sometimes hardboiled on salads), bacon (usually in cooking, but I just keep it around), and a few cuts of pork (chops, loin, tenderloin, etc.)
    I eat veggies with nearly every meal (except if I have to pack in a quick snack of drumsticks or something). My main choices have been: Broccoli, cauliflower, asparagus, squash, spinach, onions, tomatoes, brussel sprouts... I'm expanding, but it's a slow process.
    I cook mainly with bacon grease, coconut oil, or macadamian nut oil. Olive oil and walnut oil used for salads/sauces. Fish oil taken before bed.
    I use fermented dairy sparingly in my cooking, but that's ALMOST the extent of my dairy use. I permit myself to have a little helping of greek yogurt/berries post workout on occassion, but that is probaby the first thing I'm considering on eliminating for now.
    I have ceased snacking... No nuts or beef jerky or anything in between meals.
    I allow myself 1 cup of coffee in the morning with a small bit of half-and-half.

    I have a little square of 86% dark chocolate sometimes in the evening (HUGE sugar addict here... Have quit drinking monsters, eating sweets, diet sodas, and using sweeteners in general).

    Here's the kicker, though... I'm not getting fatter and my strength training/gym performance is improving. As of right now I'm not so sure I need to change just yet... I think I'll start taking weekly measurments just to see objectively how it's affecting my body. I may even up the calories a bit, as that could be a reason for my stalled fat loss. After a daily fast, I'll eat a respectable meal. After that, I'll simply have a meager snack and then head to bed a few hours later... This may be bad timing on my behalf.

    Thoughts??? Please help... I am fairly confident in my training, but diet has always been my crutch!

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    What seems to be the problem? You lost a lot of water weight the first week and have been consistently losing weight every week since then. Also, you're not getting fatter and your performance in the gym is improving.

    Whatever you're doing - keep doing it!
    Yeah, my grammar sucks. Deal with it!


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      That's KINDA what I was thinking, it's just that the number 188 have been staring at me on the scale for the last week and a half and I had expected at least a modest drop.


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        Are these type of temporary fat loss stalls typical? I know it varies from person to person, but in general...


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          Haha seriously though... stalls happen.. sometimes over a month. Like was said above... you are improving, keep going.


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            Perfect... Thanks guys!


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              Being stuck at one weight for 10 days is not truly a stall. Stay the course...keep going!


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                Fair enough... I suppose a day of "carby" veggies like yams or something wouldn't be a bad addition once a week or so. That's kinda what I use the dairy/berries for since I know it is insuligenic to some degree.