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  • supplement conflicts

    A very technical question for those who don't mind paleo-nerd detail:

    I'm on a few supplements, some specifically for pregnancy and some just because I don't seem to have enough in my diet. My current list is:

    multivitamin (with no calcium or iron, I can't stomach the form of them in most multis)
    fish oil (norwegian naturals super critical omega)
    vitamin d
    trace mineral drops

    I'm also drinking a cup of green tea (I know, I just can't give up that last bit of caffeine) and a raspberry leaf/stinging nettle tea a few times daily.

    So... how should I space these supplements? My concerns are that the iron interferes with the calcium, the green tea messes with the folate in the multi, and I might be overdoing the fish oils taking the fish oil, dha and vitamin d (from CLO) all at once. And should I be taking the calcium with the vitamin d, because they work together? I know it's incredibly nitpicky, I just hate to spend money on supplements if I'm cancelling out their benefits.

    Right now I take the trace minerals at breakfast when I have my green tea; the multivitamins, fish oil, dha and vitamin d with lunch; raspberry leaf/nettle tea and more trace minerals in the afternoon; iron with dinner; and the calcium/magnesium before bed. Everything except the trace minerals and tea I have to take with food, or I'll puke. Anyone have a better plan for downing all these supps? I have the brainpower of a goldfish with this baby, my paleo-nerd powers have completely escaped me

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    do you really need to be doing this? it seems excessive.


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      Fish oil and DHA? I'd do away with the iron, multivitamin and DHA. Take magnesium and calcium and trace minerals with water because that's how they come in nature. Take the fish oil with meat because that's how it comes in nature. I'm not sure about D3 but it should be fine with food. A lot of this stuff gets stored in your tissues.


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        Hailey you might want to look into the raspberry leaf tea, depending on where you are in your pregnancy. My understanding was that it was better very late in pregnancy.
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          Originally posted by dado View Post
          do you really need to be doing this? it seems excessive.
          At the risk of agreeing with dado, I agree with dado on this.


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            Originally posted by Paleobird View Post
            At the risk of agreeing with dado, I agree with dado on this.
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            Originally posted by tfarny
            If you are new to the PB - please ignore ALL of this stuff, until you've read the book, or at least


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              i take all my supps when i wake up, then extra salmon oil and cod liver oil before bed
              if that's relevant at all. i didn't know some things interfered
              yeah you are

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