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Digestive issues after traveling...

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  • Digestive issues after traveling...

    I recently backpacked for 3 months throughout southeast asia and have been struggling with my digestion ever since. Very slow digestion (I'll feel full and uncomfortable for hours and hours after a small to average meal) and some heart burn/reflux (never had before). This seems to get worse if I eat large portions of meat or refined carbs (chips and whatnot). Obviously I'm trying to avoid the unnecessary carbs, although I'm struggling with that for other reasons. The only thing that seems to help is eating very small meals of mostly fruit and/or veggies with small amounts of meat. I'm hoping time will sort this out but its been about a month and its not much better although its admittedly a slightly better. Just thought I'd throw this out there and see if there are any suggestions.

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    What were you eating when you were backpacking? Have you tried digestive enzymes?
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      Good idea to do some gut work as most pick up some kind of bug when travelling to some of those Asia countries. Take some herbals/supplements that kill parasites such as wormwood, then some probiotics and you should be fine after that.