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  • Newbie clarification from book

    I was reading from Chapter 3 and it says:

    "Primal diehards who average very low-carb intake over extended periods (50 to 100 grams or less per day) will likely benefit from having an occasional higher-carb day (maybe 250 to 300 grams of nonsugar carbs) to fine-tune insulin sensitivity."

    What does he mean non-sugar carbs? What are the best sources?

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    Things like starchy root veggies( yams, sweet potatoes, parsnips, etc) and things like winter squashes (kabocha, acorn, etc.)

    Things that are not good for this purpose are fruits because their carbs are mostly fructose (i.e. "sugar carbs")

    Having an occasional high carb day is sometimes referred to as a "re-feed". People like to time these to go with their hardest workout days.


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      Progress so far

      Thanks for your response. Maybe you can help me with another question. I want to know if I'm losing weight too quickly. Here's my situation.

      I started Paleo just last week so I've been doing it for almost 2 weeks. In that time I've noticed some significant changes that others have experienced. My previously insatiable appetite for carbs has been greatly reduced and, at times, has disappeared. My general appetite is significantly less ravenous, in fact I rarely feel hungry. My energy level has stabalized and is very consistent throughout the day although I must say it's not a high energy level. Instead I have medium to medium-low energy. More than enough to make it through my day but not enough to leave me feeling ready to do a lot of grok-like exercise.

      My weight has started to drop dramatically in the last 2 weeks from about 208 to 199, but I fear it has dropped too much. Part of that dramatic drop (the last 4-5 pounds of it really) was due to a 24-hour stomach flu I experienced earlier this week.

      I fear losing muscle because I already don't have a very muscular build so I don't want to lose weight too fast at the cost of losing muscle. I've been consuming an average of 1200-1600 calories a day which seems low but it would be hard to consume much more without feeling like I'm overeating and stuffing myself.

      I've only made cursory starts at exercising although I certainly plan on adding that component into my lifestyle over the next few weeks.

      I currently weigh 199, I'm 6'3", and my goal weight is around 175-180.

      So any advice? How can I maintain this weight loss at a healthy pace without sacrificing muscle?


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        I think the stomach virus probably pushed you a little bit in the weight loss. I wouldn't worry about it. It's safe to lose +/- 2 lbs a week (or more depending on your body). It could also be the sudden change in diet that boosted your weight loss. It will likely level off soon enough. Then you'll plateau and wonder about why.

        Good Luck and welcome to the Tribe.
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          It's very normal to have a huge weight loss right off the bat and then it stabilizes to a slower pace. Most of that is water weight. When you are irritating and inflaming your digestive system with grains your body responds by getting puffy. This is like when an infected cut gets swollen looking. When you stop this irritation, your body lets go of this puffiness all at once. In your case, a bout with the stomach bug just made it a little more dramatic. Nothing to worry about.

          Welcome and my best wishes to you. I think you will do just fine.


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            Thanks for the advice. I've been amazed so far with the results I've experienced not just in weight loss but the other factors as well. I'm have borderline metabolic syndrome and am hoping to avoid medication and deal with it through lifestyle change so it's looking like this is just the thing. We'll see what happens in another few months after my next doctor's visit and blood test.