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  • When To Take Your Vitamins

    Advance apologies -- I can't seem to craft a search that gets me to this topic. I expect it's been answered before.

    I've started taking some of the supplements suggested by Dr. Kruse. Is there a single resource that sets out the optimal time to take supplements, in what combination, and what combination to avoid?

    For example -- it is suggested that Vitamin D be taken with calcium, but that Vitamin D also causes insomnia and should be taken in the a.m. I've read that calcium/magnesium/zinc is best taken at night to assist sleep.

    The brain spins. Seems that a spreadsheet may be needed . . .
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    The best time to take them is whenever you are going to consistently remember. There might be better or worse times for certain ones, but I have to take them all at once at breakfast or I don't take them at all that day.


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      I take my multivitamin after I workout in the evenings to aid my immune system.

      All others (Saw Palmetto, Biotin, D3, Fish Oil, etc...) I take in the mornings and afternoon.
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        I take try to take all of mine late morning or early afternoon; I keep them in my desk at work. Then I have enough time to remember, but it's also early enough that if any of them do interfere with sleep it should be okay. The one exception, yeah, is that sometimes I'll take magnesium at night.
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          Thanks. Simpler than it seems, isn't it?
          He not busy bein' born is busy dyin' ~ Bob Dylan


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            Vitamins Ds and B-complex and Q10 after breakfast. Probiotics before brekkie. Zinc and magnesium 2 hours before bed. Fish oil after breakfast and lunch. 2nd hit of probiotics just before bed.

            I have to do it properly or else my sleep suffers. O3 and Vit D3 really affects my deep sleep.


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              I have no research done behind this as I am incredibly busy all the time, but since I do not take multiple doses of supplements as I am adequate in the minerals and vitamins that I currently can afford to ingest LOL then I take all my supplements at my last meal because I feel that the amount of activity I do at night is minimal so as to not interfere with the digestion and absorption of the supplements and so they will be fully prepared by the morning for my new day when I will really be needing them. Am I wrong about this suggestion because it does seem to make some sense but I have absolutely no idea.


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                Are you familiar with Pareto's principle? To paraphrase him, he said that you have to separate the vital few things from the trivial many things. Master the fundamentals before you worry about little details.

                Is light cardio and heavy lifting part of your life? Do you practice portion control? Do you have a diet plan and a clearly defined goal? Do you keep a diet log? Those are the fundamentals. Timing of vitamins is fluff at best, a distraction at worst.
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                  Taking vitamins on an empty tomach makes me hurl. Taking them before I go to bed gets me wired and I can't sleep. So I take them when I get home from work, which is usually around 3pm.

                  I know certain supplements work better on empty stomachs, with food, in conjunction with other supplements, but I have to agree with jfreaksho - take them when you will consistently remember to take them. Some benefit is better than no benefit.