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    OK, I'm on Day 10 now, and I feel dedicated. I'm reading everything I can, and learning about Intermittent Fasting, Chronic Inflammation, Omega rations, etc.... I feel like I've immersed myself into a new world of diet and fitness advice! Even though, when I think about it, it's just what the old folks around here in Asia have been eating forever! Pretty silly really, that the answer was here all along. And, there's me, eating RAW vegan food, and slurping down smoothies and juices, and fruit and doing hours and hours and hours of cardio at the gym Doh!

    So, I've been completely primal (except for one bowl of pesto pasta, that I had on Day 2 cause I was feeling so lousy). Other than that, I've been completely clean. No grains, no simple carbs. I've slowly given up (or vastly reduced) my fruit, nut, cheese, and tea consumption. I've had no coffee or alcohol, and at the moment am only drinking water.

    On the other hand I have really ramped up my oil/fat intake, (butter, rendered pork fat, coconut oil. meat and bacon fat) my salt (pink Himalayan stuff) and my water consumption. I am making broths from bones, and steaming greens and veggies - so yeah, definitely eating more healthily.

    I just ate a big plate of butter steamed/fried greens and a tomato, lettuce, 1 avocado, 2 boiled eggs, roe from the sushi bar (love it!) and some macadamia nut oil. I think that's pretty primal.

    Generally I am feeling better now (a little head achy and fatigued, in the mornings) and, importantly, I haven't craved carbs for the past few days AT ALL! However, no weight loss yet, which I'm surprised about, because I could do with loosing a few extra kg's! Hopefully it will start to happen soon.

    I want to get to a stage where I'm just living and eating... primal, naturally. Instead of making a all this research and having to make a conscious effort with shopping and cooking to make sure it's all 'right'. If you know what I mean.

    My big concern is that I might be overeating. I've gone from zero fat, to practically lathering and slathering it on everything! (And doesn't it all taste so much better!) My meals are huge plates - though most of it is leafy... but still... everyday some kind of eggs, bacon, meat... I know it's all good, when compared to the manufactured garbage I was eating, so I'm more inclined to eat more of it now, but I'm worried I won't loose any weight.

    Does one naturally stop overeating by going primal eventually? Will my body begin to recognize when it's full, and regulate my ability to scoff it all down more? Or is there still a risk of overeating? What should I do?
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    It's hard to say, some people's bodies regulate quicker than others. Digestive enzymes might help with nutrient absorption. I would focus on getting this WOE down pat before worrying about calories. But eventually you might need to get an average count to see where your macros fall and where you might need to add/subtract.

    It sounds like you're doing great though, so keep it up!!
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      Yes I have overeating issues too, it just gets me down sometimes but I think this lifestyle is really going to stop that. I know being a vegan didn't, it just got worse and BOY did I miss lamb :-/
      That sushi sounds devine.
      I wish you well.


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        You can always sign up on a free site like Free Calorie Counter, Diet & Exercise Journal | and track what you're eating for a couple ideas. It might give you a better idea of what you're taking in
        --Trish (Bork)


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          A lot of people take a few weeks or even a couple of months before they start dropping weight, and a lot of people don't really lose any weight, they just lose fat- so they gain muscle and look better, but still weigh the same. The former seems to be because the person's body is healing. The latter can be observed: Take measurements of different parts of your body- waist, neck, thighs, arms, hips, chest- and track that instead of keeping track of how much you weigh. An easier way is to check how your clothes fit, a more subjective way is to take pictures of your body that shows what you want to change.