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  • Freeze dried organ capsules

    I'm just in the process of ordering some fermented co-liver oil, and a multi vitamin (Vitamin Code) no added crap in it - from the internet. And, I noticed that they also sell, 'Organ Caps' (Freeze-Dried Encapsulated Organ Meat, from grass-fed cows grazing on New Zealand Pastures).

    I'm quite tempted to buy some - as I know I'll never muster up enough courage to try organ meats, especially after my Mom force-fed me liver as a child - ewwww!

    So, here's the thing... are they good?

    I know nothing is better than the real thing, but that ain't gonna happen any time soon... so, are they an OK substitute? And if so... which should I get?

    They sell, Adrenal Gland with cortex, thyroid, brain extract, heart extract, liver extract, and testicle extract.

    I'm only really looking at getting one, this time around, so which one? I'm least tempted by the 'brain' because of CJD, and testicle seems to be especially good for men. So, I guess I'm looking at a choice of: adrenals, thyroid, heart or liver...

    SW: 68 kg. * CW: 61.5 kg. * GW: 60 kg or less...
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    I would prioritize liver as it incredibly nutritious. Do they say anything about adrenal or thyroid containing functioning hormones in the extract? I would be concerned that you might be "dosing" yourself with thyroid or steroid hormones if you got the thyroid or adrenal. I have read that adrenals have a lot of vitamins in them, I think maybe vitamin C especially. I would avoid brain. Supposed to be insanely nutrient dense, but prions are buggers to kill so I would not chance it.

    Where are you finding these? I have been really working on eating liver in the hopes I could develop a taste for it, but it is such a chore at this point I'd almost rather just buy a stupid pill.

    Have you tried bone marrow? It is super nutritious and very easy to hide in soups and stews.
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      Hey jammies, I hear you on the liver thing. Even disguised with bacon and onions, I can't do it, I tell ya, gross!

      The organ caps are here: Organ Caps (I'm still not sure which to go for, to be honest, I might even skip it this time and find out more about it).

      I make bone broth, so I guess bone marrow from that, yes.
      SW: 68 kg. * CW: 61.5 kg. * GW: 60 kg or less...
      “Your work is to discover your work and then with all your heart to give yourself to it.” ~ Buddha


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        I just found those Raw, freeze dried pills at my local health food store.
        Since I haven't been able to find sweetbreads (glands like pancreas, thymus, salivary) I bought me some the other day.
        Been taking them daily for the last 4-5 days and only feel a difference in appetite...which has decreased, resulting in a couple lbs of weight loss so far.

        Not sure why, what, how, whatever...but I'll see if this low appetite continues and what will happen next.
        I am also days away from menstruation and my appetite should be ravenous, and it isn't...which is very odd.


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          I would avoid the thyroid and adrenal caps because those are prescribed specifically for deficiency problems and you shouldn't take them long term (or so I've been advised)

          I'm not sure how many tabs you'd have to take to get the benefits of eating offal. I guess it's better than nothing!

          Heart is really easy to disguise if you grind it up and mix it in with ground meat. Liverwurst/braunschweiger is tasty with mustard and onions. My husband even likes chicken livers wrapped in bacon and will happily eat those. I usually soak liver in milk for several hours to get rid of some of the gamey flavor.
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            I just put raw beef liver in the blender. Add veggies and fruit and plug my nose when it's time to drink it. :-P