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    I've been using the Search option to read about the many uses for taking coconut oil by mouth for "whatever" benefits. I've been Primal since February and I've lost 55 lbs. I started at 244 and I'm beginning, because of the weight loss, to have a serious problem with loose skin. I've also heard that coconut oil can speed up weight loss. I don't exercise a lot yet because I'm just graduating from a wheelchair to a walker following a broken femur. I don't want to just start taking coconut oil without a good reason. Any thoughts?
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    Dr Mercola on the benefits of coconut oil:

    Dr. Joseph Mercola: Coconut Oil Benefits: When Fat Is Good For You


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      Originally posted by heatherkh View Post
      Thanks for the link. I read it right away.


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        oh baby, the coconut oil, makes me feel so good.

        to make my face pretty, do i rub it directly on the skin or do i eat many, many tablespoons?


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          Coconut oil has been used among people of tropical areas for a thousand years. It provides healing properties for many parts of the body. The skin is a wonderful benefactor since coconut oil is a helpful moisturizer.


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