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    Hi, there!

    I started doing the leptin reset a couple days ago and would like to know some folks who are doing the same for a little encouragement and share of experiences. Anyone interested?? Please???
    You guys can reach me at fb as hanna staudinger.
    Hope someone does!
    The mind is the source of ALL problems.

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    I have done it, still sticking to protocol though, because it works well for me. Only change I've done was to up my daily carbs recently. Going too low made me feel very tired and weak past the 5 month-mark. I think I'll stick to big breakfast for a while.


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      I've been doing the leptin reset to a certain degree since mid-September. I say to a certain degree because I am not taking all the supplements and I am using olive oil, eating nuts and also going higher-carb (more fruit than others eat). I am borderline underweight with a long history (20+ years) of eating disorders behind me, so weight loss isn't one of my goals.

      I have been having the high-protein breakfast (even had to go to 75g for a while to zap the evening cravings!), not eating between meals, finishing dinner 4 hours before bed, not doing any exercise (apart from running around after three young children all day!).

      For the first time that I can remember, I am not struggling with food cravings. As a former anorexic, not giving in to the cravings wasn't too much of a problem, but I was always thinking about food. It is amazing for me to eat a meal, finish and then not think about food until the next meal comes round.
      My energy levels are much better (I have been getting up at 5.30am for a couple of months now without problems - I used to drag myself out of bed at 7am). My sleep is incredible. For the first time ever, I go to bed, go straight to sleep and sleep through until the morning (unless a little person needs me!). I haven't experienced the increase in body temperature yet (that sweating thing that is mentioned in the leptin reset thread) or any changes to my virtually non-existent libido. I am starting to really look forward to exercising properly again though.

      I tried to follow the mammoth leptin reset thread, but could never keep up with current poists let alone read back over all the past pagees. Now that it's at over 1000 posts, I have given up on it! So, I'm still at it and would love to join you. The leptin reset thread is a great place and I miss the advice, support and help (Dextery, MamaGrok, Shijn13, indigogirl, demuralist, etc. - hi guys if you happen to read this!), but it is out of control in terms of volume over there!


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        I've been following the protocol since July. Have nothing but good things to say. I've seen every marker that you look to for measured success from the plan and will be sticking with it for awhile. Like glamorama, it works for me. I have also upped my carbs a bit, but only on days that I've been working out as I've become more consistent with my HIIT and LHT each week. On those days I do a bit of a mini carb refeed after I work out (I work out late afternoon and then have my carb refeed at dinner). It's not exactly to plan, but it works for my schedule and I'm not sweating it since I'm seeing consistent improvement in strength and in my blood work.


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          I have been doing the reset for maybe a month, but I've had to travel a lot and it's been imperfect.

          nevertheless, I'm feeling so much better. Now that I'm home for a while, I am committed to a BAB within 30 min (with cooking I'm at the 25-30 minute mark but improving this over time), I am good to go until dinner, and I love just eating 2 meals a day.

          Hope your experience is a good one too.

          Age: 63
          SW: 191 (July 2010)
          CW: 160
          GW: 140


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            I'm doing the reset - at least my own version of it. I've been loosely doing it for about 2 weeks. I saw my naturopath yesterday (who is primal) and I sent him the link to Dr. Kruse's site before my visit and asked for his opinion. He thinks there's a lot of merit and fully supports me doing it with the caveat that he wants my carbs to be higher than what Dr. K recommends.

            So here are my guidelines for my own reset that I put together with the help of my ND:
            1. BAB aiming for about 50 g of protein as soon after getting up as possible.
            2. Allow a minimum of 5 hours between meals.
            3. No snacking
            4. No eating after 8 pm
            5. Minimize nuts & dairy
            6. Carbs around 100 grams and up to 150.
            7. Low level cardio is fine

            I've been Primal for about a year and my problem is that I've been gaining weight. My ND is treating me for a variety of things that are probably contributing to weight gain even though I've been eating really healthy for a long time. I haven't had success with VLC so that's why he's recommending that I up my carbs.

            Since I've been on the reset, I feel a lot better - no afternoon crashes. I can easily go 5 hours between meals, and I really don't even feel the urge to snack, which is rare for me. I think one of my previous downfalls has been eating too little at breakfast and then snacking a couple of times in the day at the first onset of hunger signs, and it's been messing with my metabolism. I would often crash by late afternoon/evening and then be starving at dinner and eat too much.

            Since being on the reset, I really feel a lot better so I think it's working somehow.


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              I have learnt to read my body's signals now. I reached all the signs of LS within 6 weeks, but since then I've figured out other things, like eating less protein for breakfast (20-30 gr most days), and that higher carbs is beneficial since going VLC stalls my weightloss. Like kristiashley, I do mini carb-refeeds. I have recently introduced D3 as I've been feeling flat. I also realized I'm low in potassium, so I did my first batch of bone broth this week. I agree about the original Leptin-tread bein too big, and often my enquiries get lost in there.
              But by now I feel like I have most things dialed in. I know there is a big smear-campaign going on about the reset lately, and I'm really not interested in that! All I know is that the timing of the meals has really fixed me, and I feel great.


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                What is BAB??
                The mind is the source of ALL problems.


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                  BAB = bigg a$$ breakfast