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Recommended carb intake affected by weight?

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  • Recommended carb intake affected by weight?

    I am newish to this and I was looking at Mark's Carb Curve and wondering if a 200 pound guy has the same 100-150g effortless weight maintenance range or <100 weight loss sweet spot. Im about 112 pounds and figure that maybe I have to stay under 100g a day to maintain since I'm smaller than the guys on this site.... I have no idea so anyone who can give me advice it would be much appreciated!!!

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      I recently upped my carbs, after 5 months of PB, because I started feeling weak and strength was going backwards. You need to experiment and see how your body responds. You'll know very quickly by just going by how you feel and how you perform.


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        Ps! I used to do 20-30 grams carbs daily, now it's more like 60-80.


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          I also would like to caution against believing in a "sweet spot" like in a religion. It would be nice to just make sure not to eat more than 150 g carbs per day and not ever gain weight, regardless of what else is eaten :-). This is not going to happen...If you keep carb intake under 50 g/day and eat 3000 kcal from fat and do not burn them you will gain body fat. I would watch my overall intake and not focus too much on ratios!


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            When I read Dr. Atkins way back in the 1970s, he wrote about one's "critical carbohydrate level," the amount of carbs a person could consume until hunger returned and weight as well.

            This is a very individual thing and has very little to do with body size. My own CCL is only about 25g daily, as I'm very, very carb sensitive. I can gain from simply adding too many green veggies.

            However, I also find that I feel best at this very low carb level, so I think it depends on the individual's physiology. My CCL has remained constant when I was 300+ lbs and now that I'm at my goal of 145.


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              I'm the same weight as you. For me, I have found that if I go closer to 100 g I need to exercise more or drop my fat gms in order to maintain my weight. If I stay roughly around 35-50 g I don't need to watch my fat and protein, but I still maintain a reasonable calorie intake for my height and size. I don't do well or lose weight more when my carbs get much lower than 25 g.


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                In Mark's Carb Curve, he does not differentiate between gender or weight. So, going "by the book" the answer would be no - you don't have to adjust anything.

                However, we're people, not books so you may have to play around with things and find your own 'sweet spot.' Just use the book as a guide
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                  agreed. it totally depends on ur BF% and how active u are. when i started primal living i did 50-60g for about 4months but felt my energy and performance lacked so i went to 90-110g. recently i was doing carbo load days as well, ive noticed a better result in fat loss, but thats me. i take marks views as guidelines, i think of it as more of eat what u want, as long as its whole foods, no grains, no added/refined sugar, healthy fats, clean sources of protein and throw in some safe starches, and of course keep ur body moving.
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                    Hmmm so it really varies person to person. That makes a lot of sense. I feel like certain sources of carbs get to me more (apples really make me crash. Refined sugar too and badly but I don't eat that anymore). But if I have a mango, a handful of grapes, and a punnet of blueberries like I did yesterday, it seems over the top but I feel fine. Thanks everyone for responding. I feel less like I have to be counting (though if I was trying to lose weight I might).

                    Also, and I don't know if others have this experience, I've found that if I up my protein Im less inclined to gorge on fruit. Especially if I also have a tea at some point.