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Brainstorming help - Cold/allergy symptoms, not new to primal

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  • Brainstorming help - Cold/allergy symptoms, not new to primal

    I'd like to brainstorm a little bit and see if anyone has any valuable input.

    I've been primal since last December. Before that I ate very clean and mostly gluten free.

    I've been sick two times since going primal. Once in July and again right now.

    It started two days ago with a sore throat, then a stuffy nose, drainage, etc. Now, I feel a little "glandy." I have Hashimoto's thyroiditis, and both when I get sick my thyroid also becomes enlarged. Both times it has happened right before my period.

    Am I not doing something right with this diet? I just finished a Whole 30 last week. I basically kept going with it, but did have a tiny bit of cheese two days before this all started.

    I'm left to wonder if I'm doing all this right. I'm not IF-ing, but I do go for periods where I feel like I could eat, but I just skip it. I'm 5'3" and weigh 113 lbs. I am wondering if I should simply water fast until I feel better. It seems like as soon as I eat I get worse, especially the feeling that my thyroid is enlarged.

    One thing I have done lately is eaten more apples and raspberries (non-organic) than usual. Could that be whacking out my immune system? Should I not eat any fruit? I've also eaten more nuts and chicken. I'm definitely going to reduce the nuts, but chicken too?

    I'm very committed to primal, so that's not the question. The question is how do I balance my immune system.

    I'd love any tips or thoughts that might help lead me to some resolution.


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    take megadoses of vitamin c like linus pauling, and report back. we test his ideas.


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      you can make sure your vit D and C is adequate to support your immune system.

      Otherwise, realize that a diet is not going to cure you of ALL ills - literally or figuratively. Even with a perfect paleo diet, you can still pick up a virus.

      I don't personally fast intentionally when I'm sick. If I'm hungry I eat...
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        Thanks dado and Heather.

        I think my mindset might get a little whacked around food. Dare I say I get a little obsessive about it...


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          Perfectly normal, and healthy, to get sick once in a while. Just make sure you're getting enough D and probiotics.
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